“It’s The Calm Before The Storm, Winslow…”

There’s only a few more weeks left of Summer 2021, and with my pending end-of-the-season road trip through Texas just a couple of short weeks away, I’ve been trying to scratch a few more things off of my New England-centric “To Do” list before it’s time to gear up for the Fall and all the activities I have planned for it.

One of those ‘To Do” things was spend a little more time in Newport, Rhode Island- specifically by the ocean- before the temperatures drop again and it gets too cold to be on the water.

So this past weekend, after a long work week, a series of exhausting commutes and late nights spent helping a friend with reviewing a lengthy and very detailed set of important paperwork he needed a second and fresh set of eyes on- I opted to decompress at the Castle Hill Inn in Newport for a seaside brunch and a stroll around the neighboring- and still operational- lighthouse.

The Castle Hill Inn is just a short drive from Bellevue Avenue and many of Newport’s historic mansions- a little over ten minutes- but it’s tucked away from the more populated streets and walkways- making it an ideal getaway for a meal with a view or a weekend next to the sea.

Given the on/off rain showers throughout most of the morning and afternoon while I was there- not too many people were around- and I was alone during my hike to the lighthouse, which was first constructed and lit in 1890. While you can’t go inside of it (it’s still in use, after all!)– you can sit on the rocks beside it and around it and watch the boats passing by.

That’s exactly what I did for a couple of hours while quietly listening to some music- until it started raining just a little too hard and I wanted to get off the rocks before I took a tumble over them, instead. Regardless- a couple of hours of peace, solitude and the ocean beneath me was exactly what I needed to recharge and prepare to face another week ahead.


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