A Month to Remember: February 2023

February might be the shortest month out of the year- but it is certainly one of the mightiest and most memorable- especially here in the Northeast where we typically get unpredictable weather, fluctuating high/low temperatures and the occasional glimpses into the Springtime in-between Valentine’s Day and the end of the regular football season. There’s a lot of bundling up, a lot of great food, and- if you’re like me- a lot of binging romantic comedies since this month is all about love and romance.

I started February the same way I began January and the New Year- in Salem, Massachusetts indulging in good food and even better company at my friend Phill’s annual ‘Royal Rumble’ watch party before I brought the festivities and good vibes to Melrose- where I spent time with my circle of longtime friends revisiting a classic horror video game from our childhoods that we had started playing through from the beginning for the first time in forever back in January. These bi-weekly gaming sessions continued throughout February and will likely take place in March, as well- at least until the Spring eventually arrives and stays put long enough so we can go out hiking and/or play outdoor sports again!

I shared two of my favorite local eateries this month, including a chowder house in Hatfield and a healthy food spot right around the corner from my apartment. Those posts were written when I wasn’t talking about a delicious comfort food recipe you can prepare for that special someone in your life for Valentine’s Day, of course. I do love and appreciate a plate of pasta now and then!

Speaking of Valentine’s Day- after a pretty exciting Super Bowl weekend, I was totally caught off guard on the holiday with a thoughtful, favorite-band-themed present from Troy and some of my favorite (and super indulgent) cookies that I rationed out through the end of the month!

I also wrote about my Winter/cold weather skin & hair care routine earlier this month, which came in handy when we saw record-breaking and below freezing temperatures swoop through New England as part of a sudden and dangerous cold front. When the wind eventually died down and it was safe to step outside again without risking frostbite- I made the most of it with a night out in and around some of the best stops in Easthampton– including the limited time Tiki night event at one of my favorite bars.

And now, with this month coming to a close in just a couple of days- I’m really looking forward to March. I’ll be stopping by popular floral shows/exhibits near where I live, beginning the next phase of my fitness journey with a recently acquired personal trainer- and getting back into the groove of live music with a long overdue few days off in a couple of weeks- all while sharing recipes and some new additions to my Springtime wardrobe! I’m so excited to write about all of it!

So here’s to these last hours of February- bitterly cold at times, sure- but filled with love and friends nonetheless.

And here’s to March being spectacular, too!


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Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm a blogger and a radio personality with a makeup and shoe addiction based out of Boston and the Pioneer Valley. These are my (mis)adventures.

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