Super Bowls and Valentines…

What an exciting and busy past few days it’s been, filled with friends, family, food and football! With the regular NFL season done and in the books until the Fall (which is right around the time I’ll be finished paying off the money the Chiefs cost me on Sunday night!) I’ll have to find other ways to keep myself entertained and/or unnecessarily high-strung.

Saturday, before the big game, I spent a day out with my mom to do a little sightseeing and shopping near the Berkshires while the weather was nice. We browsed storefronts in Shelburne Falls and spotted some wildlife in Buckland before grabbing a quick bite to eat at Wells Provisions in Charlemont where we also ran into Dan– who was taking a break from a nearby assignment! I was so glad he and my mom finally got to meet each other, especially in one of my favorite restaurants/general stores!

Naturally, on Sunday it was all about cooking up wings, nachos and various dips for a small get together with my family to watch the Eagles/Chiefs- and letting Oliver watch the Puppy Bowl, of course. Given that we all like something different, we may have gone a little overboard- with a lot of buffalo, BBQ and salt & vinegar wings (my personal favorite.) Thanksgiving and Christmas may be the quintessential “eat and be merry” holidays- but Super Bowl Sunday should be right up there on the list, too!

And what a game! Even though I was rooting for the Eagles this time around, it was an absolute blast to watch- including the Rihanna halftime show. I thought she knocked it out of the stadium- and all while she’s expecting! Talk about a dedicated performer. Many congratulations to my friends in/from Kansas City. You’ve all been unbearable with the gloating these past couple of days, but I love you anyway! I promise! Enjoy this victory!

Finally, yesterday marked Valentine’s Day, and although I had to work (and wore pink!) I made sure to celebrate in small ways- like eating a cookie from a Crumbl box I had picked up on Monday along with a gift to send to Andrew and the kids in Maryland- and watching a couple of my favorite romantic comedies. The ending of ‘Never Been Kissed’ still gets me every time.

The biggest surprise for Valentine’s Day, however, came in the form of a package I received from Troy yesterday afternoon- which not only included a card- but a set of Killers’ albums-inspired pins from Battle Born Pins in Vegas (one of my favorite independent shops!) I was so absolutely thrilled- and I’ve been finding jackets to put them on as we speak! They’re sensational.

I am feeling so full of love and gratitude (and wings) this week- and I’m looking forward to sharing a place that also brings me so much joy this coming Friday!


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Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm a blogger and a radio personality with a makeup and shoe addiction based out of Boston and the Pioneer Valley. These are my (mis)adventures.

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