Local Loves: Wild Roots Eatery

On my journey to better overall health and making wiser choices for my body/skin/hair, etc. (I haven’t given up on my New Year’s resolutions yet!) I’ve been blending and squeezing my own juices, using fresh and organic vegetables when cooking light lunches or dinners, and setting reminders to drink more water throughout the day. It’s a process, and not always an easy one to stick with- especially on days where I’m tired, working for long periods of time, etc. but I’m determined to stick with it because I know the long-term results will be worth every early morning I’ve had to pull myself out of bed and every sink full of dishes I’ve had to wash!

Of course, some days I need a little help- and on those mornings/afternoons when I’m working from home and simply cannot pull myself away for too long from a task at hand or a case that needs my laser focus- I turn to Wild Roots Eatery– just a short walk (and even shorter drive) from my apartment in Greenfield, Massachusetts. They also have a location in Sunderland, too!

With fresh, organic and non-GMO ingredients- and plenty of Vegan or gluten-free options- Wild Roots Eatery has an extensive menu of food and beverage selections for breakfast and lunch, and they’re all available at a fair and affordable price! That to me is one of their best qualities- other than the food itself- because everyone should have access to and be able to afford healthy dining options in their neighborhoods and communities.

I am a huge fan of their pressed sandwiches (specifically the Sugarloaf) which are all named after local towns or mountains here in the Valley- and I never grab a bite without picking up a ‘Green Machine’ or Immune Booster smoothie to go along with it, too. Everything is made fresh and tastes absolutely incredible- and it’s an complete and total lifesaver on really busy days since you can order ahead online for a grab-and-go (although their restaurants is super cute, so sitting down to eat there is always an option if you’ve got the time!)

And when you’re done eating or picking up your order, you can always pose for a selfie by the beloved wings mural on their exterior wall.

Stay wild!


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