Local Loves: Smithsonian Chowderhouse

With temperatures anticipated to dip down to about -30 this weekend (please help me,) there’s no better time to enjoy a piping hot bowl of soup and/or a toasted popover with melted butter to warm my hands, bones, etc. And while I’m quite fond of making stews or bisques on my own- sometimes it’s nice to go somewhere to take the work out of the process and just sit and enjoy the heat annd the taste.

My go-to place for all things hearty ad savory during the Winter is the Smithsonian Café and Chowderhouse in Hatfield, Massachusetts- about a 30 minute drive from my apartment if you take the scenic route. While this spot is popular among seafood enthusiasts during the Summer with their extensive menu and outdoor seating area- they also whip up some great and hearty dishes during the Winter, too- including the aforementioned soups, sandwiches, grilled cheese, and stuffed popovers.

I had stopped by earlier this week to indulge in a buttery popover and a small bowl of lobster stew during a lull in running errands- and I was just as pleased as ever with the huge pieces of lobster and the popover that was practically spilling out over the edge of my dish!

You can order ahead for yourself or if you’re feeding a crowd, which is always helpful on days where I’m on the go- but I highly recommend stopping in for a sit-down style meal since their décor is like a cute little seaside shack. Even though it’s too cold to go to the beach right now, I can feel like I’m there while I enjoy my lunch.

And even if you don’t make it to Smithsonian during the Winter- you should definitely check them out in the Summer when they go full New England clambake with their dishes and portions. Their menu is superb!


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