A Month to Remember: October 2022

Happy Halloween, everyone! The decorations are up, I’m well-stocked on candy, and I’ve got a ton of horror movies ready to marathon in-between Trick-or-Treaters dropping by tonight! It’s my favorite holiday of the year and the best way to close out what has been a really, really fun and exciting month that was absolutely packed with travel and time spent with friends and family. I’m honestly feeling a little sad that it’s coming to a close. I wish we got an additional 31 days of October!

But before I prepare for November, Thanksgiving and the upcoming holiday season- as well as beginning the overall winding down of 2022- I wanted to recap my October in it’s entirety. This month has always been one of the busiest for me over the years- but never in a bad way! I have been having a blast.

I kicked off October of 2022 at a wonderful wedding in Syracuse, New York with my friend/photographer, Dan- that was filled with great pizza, live music- and one of the most breathtaking Autumnal views ever as the sun went down and the party raged on into the night. Days later, once back in Massachusetts and before the crowds descended on New England for Halloween- I made a day trip to Salem to visit the Ouija Museum and some of the surrounding attractions that were within walking distance. I absolutely adore that town- and I’m hoping to spend more time there in 2023 since there is SO much to see and do.

I took some time to share my updated Fall makeup collection this month right before I caught a quick flight to D.C. for a couple of days to visit Andrew and the kids (and see The Killers, of course!) The weather held up throughout the duration of my short stay- which made walking around the monuments and parts of nearby Alexandria comfortable and so pretty since the leaves had only just started to change colors.

Once I was back home for the remainder of the month, I visited a popular field trip destination (that still holds up for adults!) and wrote up a quick guide for anyone looking to visit New England to see the Fall foliage.

And finally, in the spirit of all things spooky and scary- I braved a tour of The Conjuring House in Rhode Island where I had my own sorta’ paranormal experience (I stand by what I felt/saw!)– all in-between sharing seasonal recipes and looks into my Fall wardrobe, of course.

And now here we are- having reached Halloween and the end of the best month- and this was truly one for the books!

So what’s in store for November? Well- for starters- I’m heading back to Texas! It’s only for a couple of days, but I’m so excited to spend some time in Houston soon. I’m also going to be sharing some of my favorite local places here in New England as the holidays approach and a few Thanksgiving-appropriate recipes and outfits over the next few weeks.

But first- I’m going to indulge in some peanut butter cups and the original ‘Halloween’ movie!


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Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm a blogger and a radio personality with a makeup and shoe addiction based out of Boston and the Pioneer Valley. These are my (mis)adventures.

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