Avoiding Possession…

As an avid Halloween enthusiast and horror movie fan, I know that Hollywood often takes many, many liberties and is prone to embellishments when creating entertainment that is “inspired by” or based upon events that actually occurred- especially when the events in question occurred in and around parts of New England. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy movies/television that isn’t factually accurate- but I know there’s a whole other story that the locals will tell about what I’m watching unfolding on the screen.

A good example of this is ‘The Conjuring’- a movie I still enjoy to this day but knew had been dramatized to attract an audience. How, you may ask? Well, because the house ‘The Conjuring’ is based on and where the real Perron family lived (and were subsequently tormented in) is about 10-15 minutes away from my mother’s house- the same house I grew up in as a kid/teen.

The house and surrounding farmland in Burrillville, Rhode Island was constructed in 1736 and remains standing on it’s original foundation and with much of it’s design in-tact. It was sold earlier this year and re-opened to the public for tours, overnight stays and paranormal investigations. Given the close proximity to my mother’s house- I decided to finally check out the inside of it while I was visiting her a few days ago since we’re still in the midst of spooky season.

The standard tour of the house takes about an hour- starting in the living room and ending in the basement before guests are allowed to roam and photograph the house and grounds freely for approximately thirty minutes. Signed waivers are required prior to entry- not because of the risk of possible demonic possession- but because the house is very, very old and the stairs/entranceways are a little uneven and quite steep and narrow.

The tour covers Colonial life in New England when the house was first built and goes on to detail the unusual and otherworldly happenings that have occurred over the years and into present day. Of course, Ed and Lorraine Warren visiting the home was discussed at length, too- which I think is what fascinates so many people that come to see the house in-person.

In regards to my own paranormal experience- I went in with a completely open mind and at the end of the tour ventured down into the basement by myself to snap a couple of photos. While alone in one of the rooms, I felt a very gentle pressure on my right shoulder- sort of pushing me forward in a manner that didn’t feel like anyone/anything was trying to hurt me. I rolled with it and went back to taking pictures. It wasn’t until one of my curls was lightly pulled in front of my face and straight upwards/outwards that I decided to head back upstairs very, very quickly.

I had a really fun (and yes, a little creepy) time- and I recommend stopping by the house if you’re a fan of both history and horror movies. My tour guide was knowledgeable and had a great sense of humor- and I’d definitely go back for an overnight tour to see what happens when the lights are off!


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