A Month to Remember: October 2020

Happy (early) Halloween, everyone! I’ll be spending the next couple of days- including the holiday- back in Las Vegas before I head home this coming Sunday, and while I’m preparing to buy some Trick-or-Treating candy for Kelsey’s kids and pack my suitcase in advance to avoid any pre-flight headaches- I also wanted to take some time to reflect on these past few weeks before November arrives and I shift into a Holidays/End-of-The-Year mindset.

October, much like most of 2020 thus far- felt like it lasted forever. Unlike most of this year, however- I didn’t mind one bit that it carried on slowly as it’s undoubtedly my favorite month of all time. The weather is at it’s most comfortable. The foliage is at it’s peak prettiness- and there’s all sorts of spooky things to do/see around the Northeast in preparation for Halloween.

Over the course of October, I made sure to stop by and chronicle some of the more bizarre and macabre markers in and around New England- like THIS ONE, or THIS ONE, and THIS ONE. And, while not necessarily a historic place- my afternoon at the Haunted Overload trail was still pretty creepy regardless.

I shared my usual amount of Autumnal-inspired recipes and chilly weather ensembles this month- but I also delved into my Fall makeup collection (which has been getting a lot of use out here on the West Coast. It’s kind of nice to wear eyeshadow every day again!)

Speaking of being here on the West Coast. While the reason for my visit was a somber one- paying respects to my beloved best friend Kelsey on what would have been her birthday during a long overdue and highly anticipated memorial service- being able to reunite with longtime friends and family (with safety protocols, of course!) was a beautiful and comforting thing. We shared stories, memories, more than a few tears- and gathered at Peppermill afterwards for late night shots and French Toast- something Kelsey would have loved and approved of.

I cannot thank her husband and family enough for making the evening possible. I know it was difficult and stressful, but it meant so much to so many people- myself included.

So, what do I have planned for November other than a 14-day quarantine after I get back to Massachusetts? More recipes and peeks inside my closet, of course- but there’s a few local and historic places I’m excited to visit in preparation for Thanksgiving and the subsequent holiday season. I’ve also got a collection of photos from this current trip to share once I’m back and settled into my apartment. Those will probably be posted early next week!

I know that a lot of Halloween activities and Trick-or-Treating has been cancelled in light of COVID-19- but I hope that all of you and yours are able to find some way to enjoy the holiday- even if it’s something as simple as eating candy and watching horror movies (which is one of my favorite things to do even when it’s not Halloween, honestly.)

See you all again soon!


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Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm a blogger and a radio personality with a makeup and shoe addiction based out of Boston and the Pioneer Valley. These are my (mis)adventures.

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