A Few of My Favorite Things: October 2020

When it came time to compile my list of “Favorites” for October 2020- I had to emerge from beneath a pile of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup wrappers and the discarded pieces from failed attempts at carving a somewhat decent Jack-O-Lantern. Halloween is by far my favorite holiday, so finding things I loved from this past month that weren’t solely creepy or spooky was a bit of a challenge- but I did have a few items here and there that stood out- especially since I’m still currently traveling on the West Coast!

The bulk of these items- and it’s a small collection- were packed specifically for my trip, while one was something I picked up during a stop in Vegas a few days ago. I’ll elaborate a little more as I share them one by one below.

As is tradition, I’ll share the things I was able to snap photos of, first- followed by the miscellaneous odds and ends that got me through these past couple of weeks!

Let’s take a look!

Over this past weekend, I had stopped by The Neon Museum shortly after landing in Vegas for a quick tour and to take some pictures before I prepared for Kelsey’s memorial service and some time with her family.

I collect key chains (and have done so since I was a teenager) to commemorate my travels or the travels of my friends/family who have been kind enough to pick me up souvenirs here and there. One of my current key chains, a “Walking Dead”-themed one that had been gifted to me on a birthday years ago by one of my friends- has since broken beyond repair and needed to be replaced.

So, when I saw this small replica of the historic Stardust sign in the museum’s gift shop- complete with little and multi-colored dangling stars- I knew I’d found the right one and bought it immediately. It’s quickly become a treasured memento that I can’t wait to show off when I get back home.

I rented a car during my trip, and a lesson I learned the hard way the last time I picked up a vehicle in Vegas was that there are two very distinct scents in any kind of rentals here- dirty ashtray or overwhelming cleaning/disinfectant. Both, while very and clearly different from one another- are also similar in that they can trigger a migraine in me almost immediately.

This time, I decided to bring along a room spray I’ve been using around my apartment as of late- a Stone Candle Bar spritz that smells like sandalwood, strawberries and vanilla.  This spray immediately masks any weird odors and freshens up the car (and the inside of my suitcase!) without being completely overpowering. It’s light, refreshing fragrance that has made my cruising the strip and the desert infinitely more enjoyable.

With Fall here and the cold weather that goes with it, I bid a brief adieu to my Spring/Summer wardrobe and accessories- including bright, often neon jewelry and headbands/scrunchies- instead replacing them with more subtle, neutral tones and shades. My jewelry for the remainder of the season and into the Winter is compromised mostly of metallics.

One of my favorite, “never take it off” pieces is this multi-chain cuff bracelet from JENNY BIRD. It compliments pretty much everything in my closet right now and makes even my most casual outfits appear a little more formal and fancy- especially when paired with stacked rings or layered necklaces for extra sheen and sparkle.

And finally, it’s been a little colder than expected here on the West Coast- which seems to be shocking to residents but “normal” for a New Englander like me. Regardless, I had packed this heavy, plaid woolen scarf to wear on the plane (which is always cold) but have ended up wearing it around town after the sun has set here, too.

Of course, the scarf is all neutral tones- including browns, deep reds and black- so it’s easy to match with whatever outfit or shoes I’m wearing at any given time. It keeps me toasty and cozy- which is something I never thought I’d need in the middle of the desert- but here we are!

And now, with the photographs done- let’s take a look at what else made my “Favorites” list for October 2020!

– Movies/Music/Television –

“The Haunting of Bly Manor” – Although I was late to the “Haunting of Hill House” party, the story both scared me and moved me to tears at times- so I couldn’t want to jump into the second season earlier this month when it premiered on Netflix. With (most of) the same fantastic cast and plenty of hidden ghosts to find throughout a story that is both terrifying and heartbreaking- I finished this one in one sitting and nearly took a day off from work to recover from my emotions afterwards.

“The King of Staten Island” – I’d heard a lot of great things about this Judd Apatow movie, starring Pete Davidson, Bill Burr and Marisa Tomei- but didn’t get around to watching it until I was en route to Vegas- and I loved it. The acting is fantastic, the story is both hilarious AND poignant- depicting the effects childhood trauma can have on us as adults and life in the suburbs where there isn’t a whole lot of motivation, direction or ways out to a more meaningful life. I was absolutely that person on the plane who laughed and cried during this one.

“Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan” – Is there anyone who is as brazen and funny as Sacha Baron Cohen? I remember laughing out loud- and hard- in theaters during the first Borat movie way back when- and this one was no different, except that there was even more cringing and jaw-dropping-in-horror going on during certain scenes (I think we all know the one I’m talking about.)

Also, how fantastic is Maria Bakalova?

– Games/Apps/Tech –

ReFace – Kelsey’s husband, Andrew, got me into this one the other night while we were having a post-memorial meal and a round of shots at Peppermill. It’s the most insanely fun photo app I’ve played with in a long time. Using a selfie, you superimpose yourself into famous movie scenes/music videos/.gifs, etc. with EERIE accuracy that you can then share with friends and on social media. I was absolutely cackling while putting myself in various Marilyn Monroe scenes in-between bites of French Toast.

It’s currently free to download in the App Store- with in-app purchases you can disregard (I do it all the time.)

That pretty much does it for my favorites this month- not including watching horror movies, decorating for Halloween, and putting together a makeshift costume to feel a little more seasonal while I’m out here in Las Vegas.

I can’t wait to see what makes the list in November!


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