A Month to Remember: July 2022

Oh July! Where does the time go? With the end of this month coming up and the beginning of August- and the last leg of Summer- right around the corner, I wanted to give a proper send-off to a proper month that was filled with milestones, memories- a serious heatwave- and even a little but long overdue rest and relaxation!

And all that R&R is going to be helpful with all of the things I have lined up in August- but I’ll get into that a little later. Before that, I’ve written a love note of sorts to July of 2022- which was truly a month to remember.

In-between sharing seasonal recipes and wardrobe favorites throughout this month (you can find them HERE and HERE by the way!), I took some time to talk about one of my favorite cafés and legendary locations in Santa Monica- a place I am so excited to head back to the next time I’m out on the West Coast. I am craving their cold brew like you wouldn’t believe!

July saw me checking in on and charting my progress with my 2022 resolutions since we’re at the halfway point for the year. I’ve been so excited about the progress I’ve made so far- and have become a little more motivated with accomplishing the remaining goals I’ve set for myself this year.

Some of my dearest friends and I hosted a really fun clambake this past month at my friend’s farm- cooking up some seriously amazing seafood on a beautiful, hot and sunny day. Our get-together wouldn’t be my first or last occasion where I got to eat a ton of seafood in July, though- considering Captain T’s opened up just down the road!

As is tradition, I shared my makeup collection for the Summer (and next month I’ll be talking skincare and hair care) before I got into something a little more serious and heavy as I marked ten years since my father had passed away. The post, one of the most personal I’ve ever written- detailed how this past decade has been without him and my transformation as I learned how to adjust and grow in his absence.

But the month is ending on a bittersweet note- with my brother and his family moving to Florida this past week! Helping them prepare for their trip and new home was a joyous and sad occasion, since I’m going to miss them so, so much- but the silver lining is that I’ll have more reasons to visit Florida now!

So with July pretty much in the books- what’s coming up in August? Well, I’m heading to Southern California and Nevada again in a few weeks to visit friends, catch a concert and grab some street tacos from a couple of my favorite spots- as is tradition. Stef and I’s podcast returns early next month for our second season- and I’m going to try to scratch a few more things off of my Summer “To Do” list- including some more beach excursions/exploration before it’s time to get ready for Fall!

So here’s to July- a super fun, super chill month (heatwave aside, of course) that I think I desperately needed- and I hope it was fun and chill for all of you, too!

I’m ready for August!


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Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm a blogger and a radio personality with a makeup and shoe addiction based out of Boston and the Pioneer Valley. These are my (mis)adventures.

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