Not-So-Local-Loves: Dogtown Coffee

Although I visited (and adored) so many places during my recent trip to California– Santa Monica truly captured my heart and my soul and my overall aesthetic- and it featured a very specific location I had in mind for breakfast and coffee for my second day on the West Coast. This place absolutely made my morning- not only due to how good everything tasted- but also because of the history of the café itself.

You know I’m talking about Dogtown Coffee!

Located at the corner of Main and Bay Street in Santa Monica, Dogtown Coffee is housed within the building that was formerly known as the famous Jeff Ho Surfboards and Zephyr Productions surf shop in the 1970s. It was at this shop that the Z-Boys first got their start and where skateboarding and aerial tricks became more widely recognized/popularized across the country.

The building was deemed a city landmark in 2007, and evolved into the café in 2012. It includes photos and murals paying respects to its’ history and the original pioneers of the scene on the interior and outdoor seating areas- and their menu features a ton of locally sourced, vegan and gluten-free breakfast/lunch options that were amazing.

I enjoyed a ‘Salty Dog’ cold brew while I was there, which remains one of the best coffees I’ve ever had in my life (for real!)– and a steak, egg, and tater tot breakfast burrito that was out of this world.

The staff was super friendly and chill, and I got to take in the neighborhood scenery while I was eating outside which was a lot of fun. I seriously loved the place- and I’ll absolutely be making another stop there the next time I’m out in Santa Monica!


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