2022 Resolutions Check-In

I usually have this type of post up and running in early-to-mid June every year, which I consider to be the sort of “halfway point” of the year- but if you read this blog regularly- you’re probably well aware that these past couple of months have been an absolute whirlwind for me! So now, with July underway- it seemed as good a time as any to sort of “check in” with myself and the goals I set for the year at the very end of 2021.

2022- thus far, naturally- has been like a rocket, blasting upwards and forward at what feels like a speed-of-light pace. I’ve been traveling as much and as frequently as I can, with day trips to places like Maine, Washington D.C. and Maryland- and to farther and more long-term destinations in Nevada and California- with plenty more adventures coming up later on this Summer and into the Fall.

I was promoted at my full-time job but still managed to branch out and begin a new side endeavor in the form of a podcast with one of my best friends (the second season premieres next month, by the way!) which has been such a fun and rewarding experience.

And I’ve also been apart of milestones and celebrations amongst my friends and family- Weddings! New houses! Babies! Graduations! – my loved ones are THRIVING in 2022 and I couldn’t be happier. It’s long overdue after the bizarre couple of years we’ve all had!

But have I reached any- or have I come to reaching- any of the resolutions I set for myself? Let’s take a look! As a reminder, these were my written goals on December 31st, 2021:

  • Update My Wardrobe
  • Get More Involved in My Community
  • Pay Down Loans/Bills/Etc.
  • Scratch a Few More Places Off My Travel “To-Do” List

In terms of building back up my wardrobe after the overhaul and mass donation kick I went on near the end of 2021, I’d say this resolution is the one I’ve been the most successful at- not because I now have an abundance of new clothing/outfits- but because I’ve built my seasonal style around classic and sustainable pieces that I can mix and match depending on the weather (or my mood.)

I always feel like I look put together without breaking the bank or pushing my closet to maximum capacity with splurges and trends that’ll be out of style within weeks- and the de-cluttering has felt amazing! I’m looking forward to cycling out some more clothes/accessories as we transition into the Fall. It’s a surprisingly easy habit to get into and stick with!

And as my community struggles to regain it’s footing and build itself back up in the wake of the worst waves of COVID-19- I’ve been active and involved whenever or wherever I can- whether it be dropping off supplies at local charities/donation collection centers, stopping by community bake sales/stands or visiting our annual fairs and festivals. As complicated and convoluted as my town’s politics and priorities are right now- I’ve gotten to meet a lot of my neighbors- and it’s been a pretty fun experience after 2+ years of overall on/off isolation!

In regards to saving money and paying down bills- this resolution has been a bit tricky- especially with current inflation and gas prices. I’ve been able to put some money in my savings, sure- but life and all the mishaps that come with it don’t necessarily slow down or stop just because the cost of living is going up. Rent increases, car repairs, medical bills, renewals I forgot about? Oh yeah- they happen- and I’ve been doing my best to not get caught off-guard and stay afloat these days.

I recently went through my monthly auto-pays/deductions and cancelled a bunch of services I either rarely use or had no interest in continuing, however- so here’s hoping it begins to make a difference as I begin a new budgeting plan!

And finally- scratching things off my travel “To-Do” list? You bet I have! My recent trip to California was essentially a Bucket-List-A-Thon- where I got to see so many places/landmarks I’d only ever seen photos of or read about over the years. I’m quite proud of that accomplishment- and am looking forward to seeing more of the places on my list in the coming weeks/months ahead.


And that is my 2022 “Progress Report” so far. While I’ve been successful with some of the goals/aspirations I have attempted to manifest for this year- there is still plenty of work to be done- and I’ve thankfully got a few more months to keep trying! I’m looking forward to my next check-in at the end of the year, which is right around the time I’ll be making new goals for 2023!

I hope you’ve all been finding success in reaching any goals you’ve set for yourself for this year, as well- but if you haven’t- don’t be hard on yourself! Change doesn’t happen overnight, after all.

Like all things – it just has to start somewhere when you’re ready!


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Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm a blogger and a radio personality with a makeup and shoe addiction based out of Boston and the Pioneer Valley. These are my (mis)adventures.

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