A Few of My Favorite Things: July 2022

As we wind down the month of July and get ready to kick-off August next week (and gear up for the final weeks of Summer!)– I wanted to take some time out of my morning to talk about a few of my favorite things from this past month that have helped make my July super comfortable and memorable. From the brightest pair of sandals ever, to skincare that kept my body looking beach-ready- to personalized gifts and new movies and music. There was so much good stuff this month that narrowing it down proved to be quite a challenge when compiling this post!

But I’ve got a fun assortment of things I’m ready to share- starting with the things I could snap photos of and then working my way to everything else, miscellaneous odds & ends, and so on.

These are a few of my favorite things for July of 2022!

When a friend first told me about “Birken-Crocs”- a hybrid of a Croc shoe and a sandal- I think the first word out of my mouth was a hard “no.” But then they directed me to these slide sandals from Freedom Moses– and once I saw the wide array of colors/patterns and read the raving reviews about comfort and durability- I caved and picked up a pair of these aqua-hued slides just to try them out for myself.

Slip-proof, water-proof and made from vegan materials- these sandals really are insanely comfortable and match just about every casual Summertime outfit I have in my wardrobe- so they’ve been getting plenty of wear this month without deteriorating in quality or color.

Although Summer is going to be wrapping up within the next month or so- I’ve been thinking about grabbing a couple of extra pairs to store for next year!

I’ve been experimenting with making my own cold brew at home these days (to save myself both time and money in the mornings)– and my go-to mug of choice throughout July has been this brightly colored WEST COAST mug that was gifted to me during my last trip to California as a welcoming present to Orange County.

You can find this mug at Target. It’s dishwasher and microwave-safe, which is the most important thing- but it’s also super cute, super bright, and super Summery- and it reminds me every morning when I’m pouring my cold brew that I have another home away from home out in California.

And that always makes me smile.

Exfoliating properly is an important skincare step year-round- but especially in the hotter months when we’re all wearing shorts/dresses, bathing suits and bikinis, etc. You want to make sure you’re sloughing away sweat, sea water, sunscreen after time outdoors, at the beach, etc.

I’ve been loving this body polish from ESPA this month- which gently buffs away impurities and build-up on my skin while simultaneously refreshing my senses with a light, peppermint fragrance and cooling/tingling sensation while it’s being rinsed off.

I step out of the shower feeling soft, smooth and energized. This is perfect for pre and post-shave care!

And finally, ever since I was a little girl- I’ve had a love for/obsession with Volkswagen Buses- so much that I’m planning on purchasing one to fix up/renovate so I can have a bit of the “Road Trip/Van Life” experience. My friends and loved ones have known this about me for years, and whenever they’re out and about and see one- they always snap a photo to send me- or buy me anything that has a VW bus printed on it (stickers, magnets, t-shirts, etc.)

So when I came home to my apartment to find this VW Bus set from PLAYMOBIL waiting for me earlier this month- a gift from California- I couldn’t wait to set it up. Sure-it’s made for ages 5 and up- but how cute is it?

In terms of a few other favorites for this month- there was no shortage of new entertainment to keep me occupied during our recent heat wave!


Bill Burr – “Live From Red Rocks”: Bill Burr is, hands down, one of my favorite comedians, actors and podcasters- and I thoroughly enjoyed his new Netflix special that dropped earlier this month. He has a way of talking about current events and his life experiences in such a clever and outrageous way that for me, it’s impossible not to laugh until my chest hurts. This special was so, so good- and long overdue!

Interpol – “The Other Side of Make Believe”: Other than The Killers, Interpol is one of those bands I am absolutely ride-or-die for. They have meant so much to me for so many years, and their latest album was released this past month. As expected, it’s wonderful- filled with beautiful lyrics and great riffs. I’m hooked- and I can’t wait to see them on the road again!

‘Nope’: I will go to my grave praising Jordan Peele both for his comedic endeavors and his appreciation and respect for the horror genre. I have been so amped to see his latest creation, and got a seat on opening night this month to finally check it out. I loved everything about ‘Nope’- from the acting to the story to the building intensity. Also? My boy Steven Yeun is in it! That right there is worth the price of admission!

And that just about does it for my favorite things for the month of July! I’m going to have a full review of this past month up and running on the blog a little later on this week- but I really wanted to talk about all of these things, first!

And as always- if you’d like to share some of your own favorites from the month- feel free to drop me a line!


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