A Month to Remember: April 2022

How have we made it to (almost) May already?! Does a lot of travel and being busy pretty much non-stop truly make the time fly by faster or what?! It feels like just yesterday I was saying my fond farewells to the month of March and gearing up for a lot of Spring sightseeing and activities and now here we are- a couple of days away from the end of April!

This month has been chaos- but in the absolute best way- kicking off with day trips to both Troy, New York and Washington D.C./Maryland back-to-back to celebrate friends and loved ones’ birthdays. It’s always so good spending time with people like my friend/photographer Dan or Andrew and the kids- eating cake at both parties, playing skee-ball in New York and catching glimpses of the first of the famous D.C. cherry blossoms blooming! Such wonderful experiences!

And, of course- I took an extended weekend to travel to Las Vegas to reunite with friends and catch an amazing Killers gig for Easter weekend. Although there were some considerable hiccups when it came to my air travel to/from- I still had a beautiful and fun-filled few days in the desert. My face hurt by the time I was flying home because I’d been smiling and laughing so much (and I get to go back again this Summer!)

Of course, I spent some time around home, too- antiquing in Woodstock, Connecticut, going to bonfires or weekday lunches with my local friends, enjoying nights out in Easthampton and sharing my Spring makeup collection from the comforts of my apartment– but I was mostly on the road this past month!

So what do I have planned for May? Well, I’ve got friends visiting from the West Coast, Memorial Day Weekend parties/celebrations- and some live music and festivals right around the corner- among many other things- and I cannot wait to share all the details (and photos!) along the way!

But before I jump into those plans- here’s a little toast to the final days of April 2022- a month that I will look back on and cherish forever!


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Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm a blogger and a radio personality with a makeup and shoe addiction based out of Boston and the Pioneer Valley. These are my (mis)adventures.

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