Local Loves: The Rusty Relic

The plus side to only spending a long weekend on the West Coast is that it requires the minimal amount of packing the essentials- which frees up a lot of time that would be otherwise spent rushing around buying any last minute things or scrambling to make sure my flight/accommodations and/or rental cars are sorted out.

Although I haven’t started organizing my suitcase for next week’s trip just yet- I know what I’m taking with me and I’m pretty much ready to go- which means I can kick back in the days leading up to my departure and, in this past weekend’s case- enjoy some time in Connecticut and check out one of the coolest antique/décor shops around.

The Rusty Relic in Woodstock, Connecticut is a hidden gem- a historic and massive home that has been transformed into rooms and rooms of antiques, furniture, décor and curiosities for sale. Given that I’ll be out of town during Easter (a holiday that my family traditionally spends together,) I opted to take my mother to browse so we could spend some tome together.

I don’t think there was a room we walked through where either she or I didn’t gasp or go “oh that’s gorgeous!” or “oh I need that!” The Rusty Relic is filled with so many unique and beautifully crafted pieces- and it’s definitely a place I plan on revisiting when it comes time to spruce up my own space or do some shopping for any upcoming birthdays/holidays. There was something for everyone there.

I picked up a couple of pieces for my mom’s newly renovated bathroom- which she absolutely loved- and I saw more than one thing I think will look great in my apartment since I’m going to be doing some serious redecorating this Summer. And everything was so reasonably priced, too- so I can get a lot of bang for my buck!

There are so many things I love about Woodstock- and this shop is another thing to add to the list!


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