A Few of My Favorite Things: April 2022

Although my full tip-of-the-cap to April 2022 will be up on the blog a little later on this week, it’s about that time where I share a few of the products, finds and odds and ends that I’ve been loving and obsessing over these past few weeks leading into the (hopefully) wonderful month of May!

I was away for brief periods of time this past month for travel that extended both along the Northeast and out West- so my favorites this month were all about convenience and time-saving tricks, keeping my curly hair hydrated and frizz-free in drastically changing climates/temperatures- and making sure my apartment was comforting and relaxing when I *did* come home for a few days at a time.

I’ve also got a couple of shows/movies and new albums that kept me entertained, as well- but I’ll get to those after I share some photos, first!

Let’s get right into it. Here are my favorite things for April!

Between the warm-then-cold-then-humid early Spring days here in New England, the rainy afternoon(s) spent in Washington D.C./Maryland, and the hot and dusty air of the Nevada & Southern California landscapes- and that’s not even considering cabin pressure on multiple flights- I knew my hair could very well take a punishment with all the traveling I did this month.

I decided to stay ahead of any potential damage and frizz, however- and finally got around to trying out the renowned and raved about curl care system from Flora & Curl. Organic and designed to enhance and hydrate my curls- this three-step system kept my hair healthy and strong in even the harshest or unpredictable of weather and temperatures this past month- and replenishing the set is both easy and affordable!

In terms of creating quick but efficient eye looks this month- I was absolutely obsessed with these shadow sticks from ColourPOP– which some of you might remember from my Spring Makeup Routine I shared a few weeks ago!

Super pigmented, easy to apply and long-lasting- these shadows were put to the test while I was pulling all-nighters in Vegas- and they didn’t fade, crease, smudge or budge! And while I’ve been loving these three bright, borderline tropical shades as of late- I’m super eager to add more to my collection during my next stop at Ulta!

And finally, I know that Summer isn’t for another couple of months- but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy my apartment smelling like a tropical paradise leading up to it. I recently stocked up on some of Bath & Body Works‘ latest 3-wick candles during one of their Buy 2 – Get 2 Free sales- and while there were so many incredible ones to discover and enjoy- it was ‘Coconut Cream Pie’ and ‘Sunset’ that really captivated me!

I love the scent of a good, decadent dessert- as well as anything that reminds me of being by the ocean- so these two are going to be repeat buys throughout the remainder of the seasons, I think!

Of course, that’s not all for my favorites from this month! A few other things made the list as well!


Orville Peck – ‘Bronco’ – The highly anticipated sophomore album from the mysterious and immensely talented alt-country musician dropped earlier this month an I have been obsessed with it! This has been my go-to album when I’m driving, working from home, going for walks/jogging, etc. It’s just so good from start to finish- and I am SO excited to see him live at Boston Calling next month!

Interpol – ‘Toni’ – A NEW INTERPOL SINGLE?! Sign me up! The first track off of the band’s upcoming album, ‘The Other Side of Make-Believe’ (set for a July release) was revealed at the beginning of April and I LOVE it. It’s dark and haunting but still catchy as ever- and exactly the type of single I’d hope for from one of my favorite bands. And the supporting video is wonderful, too! They’re performing in Boston next month and I’m looking to take a day/night off of work to go!

‘The Girl from Plainville’ – Given that this dramatization was based on a local crime here in New England that made national headlines given how bizarre and grim it was- I couldn’t help but get pulled into this weekly series fronted by Elle Fanning that has been streaming on Hulu since the end of March (with the finale set for the beginning of May!) Although some scenes are so awkward and uncomfortable to watch, the “texting suicide” case is really examined closely in this mini-series, and everyone has been giving a stellar performance.

And that just about does it for my April 2022 ‘Favorite Things’- a colorful and helpful assortment of items to make a very busy month feel a whole lot calmer and relaxed! I’m excited to see what makes the list in May- especially with some more travel and music festivals in my future!


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