A Month to Remember: May 2020

To me, the end of May also marks the end of Spring, which means- of course- that the beginning of June is the unofficial beginning of Summer. Usually I like to celebrate the transition of the seasons this time of year with a trip to a greenhouse to pick up some flowers for my kitchen or bedroom, have an outdoor luncheon or cookout with friends and family- or keep it local with a trip to the Bridge of Flowers out in Shelburne Falls.

Of course, with an ongoing pandemic- none of those things are exactly doable this year.

Yes, May was yet another month spent in quarantine and social distancing in what has proven to be a bizarre and unpredictable year- but it wasn’t all hand sanitizer and face masks these past few weeks. I still managed to find some joy amid the chaos and confusion.

There were the usual wardrobe posts – archived HERE – and plenty of recipes to share, including some family classics like this tuna casserole and miniature grilled cheese and tomato soup shots– but I also went a bit overboard with a huge lemon and olive oil cake when I was feeling a little eager to kick off the Summertime slightly earlier than usual.

I also shared my Springtime skin/hair care products– which will change in the hotter temperatures and more humid weather, I’m sure. My curls will need all the help they can get.

And with weekly outings to get some fresh air and sunshine- I discovered some pretty cool, maybe a bit eerie and historic locations around Massachusetts, too- like Madame Sheri’s Castle, the Spooner Well, and most recently- the Hoosac Tunnel.

This past month marked a year since I first moved to the Pioneer Valley, which of course was cause for some reflection and thoughts about the future as I navigate through all the changes in my life these past twelve months- including love and loss. I feel like as the world begins to gradually return to whatever the new normal will be- I’ll have a better idea and understanding of what I want to do next. For now, it’s all about staying safe and healthy- and making sure my loved ones do the same.

I wish I could say what I have in store for June, but I’m sure like many of you- I’m just taking it day by day at this point. I *do* know that I’m hoping to get to the ocean, enjoy some seafood, and find new places to explore and photograph. I have plenty of grill and campfire-friendly recipes coming up, some brighter, more beach-friendly outfits to show off- and an overdue check-in on the goals and resolutions I set for myself when I was first heading into 2020.

It’s been an unusual Spring, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before- but it’s put many things into perspective. What’s important, what’s trivial- and how spending a considerable amount of time on my own can actually be a lot of fun if I can stop and appreciate the peace and quiet long enough.

I hope we all have more to look forward to in the Summer ahead. I think we’ve earned it.


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Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm a blogger and a radio personality with a makeup and shoe addiction based out of Boston and the Pioneer Valley. These are my (mis)adventures.

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