A Few of My Favorite Things: May 2020

With May nearly over and Summer just around the corner- it’s about that time for me to share my monthly favorites from the past few weeks before I reflect on how I made it through another month of quarantine and prepare myself for June.

May was all about self-care in terms of the products I purchased/used most frequently and for fostering a sense of peace, connectedness and joy so I wouldn’t get too stressed out when thinking about the gradual re-opening of my state that recently began- and what it means for us moving forward.

With skincare, hair care, small tokens of affection and revisiting old (and favorite) jewelry- May had a handful of things that helped make my month a little more lovely. As always, I’ll share the things I could snap photos of before I launch into the miscellaneous odds and ends I also enjoyed throughout the month.

Let’s take a look!

Warmer weather means my skin tends to gravitate more towards the oily side- and since I haven’t been wearing much makeup while social distancing- I’ve been able to focus more on my skincare regimen and making sure my complexion is healthy, clear and glowing. This past month, after a little hesitation- I caved and purchased a facial massager and pore vacuum from POPPYO– and now I’m obsessed.

Able to be charged via USB and with four different and easy-to-switch tips depending on what you’re looking to do (massage, fine line relief, pore cleansing, etc.)– this handheld vacuum’s suction power can be adjusted with a simple click and it is effective. After a few sweeps across my T-zone and around my jawline- I was both fascinated and disgusted by the amount of gunk I saw accumulating in the tip- which are super easy to clean, by the way.

I’ve been using this about twice a week and it’s still as addictive as ever!

And, just like my skin- I’ve been taking extra care of my hair these days since I’ve been unable to see my stylist since about February. That includes extra conditioning, weekly masks/at-home treatments, and using products that not only keep my frizz at bay- but nourish my scalp and strands, as well.

This time of year I always return to an old favorite of mine from OGX. Their Argan Oil of Morocco Healing Dry Oil continues to deeply hydrate my curls and makes my hair super shiny, smooth and soft during a time of year when the sun, heat and humidity can do some serious damage to it.

Best of all? It smells so, so good!

Last Christmas, my mother had gifted me some stationery/writing tools centered around one of my favorite things in the world- classic Volkswagen Buses and campers (buying one to fix up and going on a road trip is on my bucket list- and is something I’ve come very close to achieving over the years!) Among the set was this box of greeting cards from Pepperpot– blank on the inside- that I’ve kept stored away for an appropriate occasion.

Come to find out, a global pandemic is an appropriate occasion to write and mail personalized letters and warm wishes to friends and family. When we’re all so used to getting bills and junk mail nowadays- receiving a little card with a nice or funny message on the inside can make someone’s day so much better. I know the people who received these from me enjoyed them just as much as I enjoyed writing them!

And finally, speaking of Volkswagen Buses- Summertime means I can sport one of my favorite bracelet sets again. These woven and beaded charm bracelets- from Pura Vida Bracelets– go with everything I wear this time of year. They can be mixed and matched, worn one at a time or all together (which is what I usually do.)

I’ve had these on for most of May- and I doubt they’ll be coming off any time soon in June. Not when I’m trying to make the next few weeks feel like Summertime as much as I can!

And while that’s the last of the things I could take photos of- something else was much appreciated throughout May, as well.

– Movies/Music/Television –

“Hollywood” – I have a love/hate relationship with Ryan Murphy’s shows. With the exception of “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story” which was compelling from beginning to end- a lot of his projects start off so strong, only to fall apart about midway through due to way too many characters and rushed. sloppy storytelling (see: any season of “American Horror Story.”)

Hollywood, which was released earlier this month on Netflix- is another exception. I loved the characters, the costumes, and the twists with the storytelling. It was the perfect binge-watch to kill an afternoon off while in quarantine.

And that just about does it for my May favorites! A short but sweet collection of items and things to watch as I continue to ride out COVID-19. I’m already compiling a list of things for June- but I’m going to savor the last few days of this month, first.


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