A Month to Remember: January 2020

Another blogging tradition I’ve tried to keep alive and well over the years is reflecting on the month that was as it draws to a conclusion. With tomorrow marking the beginning of February (and Valentine Season-) I wanted to take the opportunity to revisit the past few weeks. I know we’re only in the very beginning of 2020, but January was such a busy, non-stop whirlwind of a month that I feel like I’m only just now catching my breath.

I welcomed January (and the new decade) with style, empanadas and delicious drinks with someone I love very much when Troy and I returned to Boston for New Year’s Eve/Day. We dressed to the nines for dinner and an impromptu fireworks display while we were out and about- but our night was overall low-key and relaxing- spent at the Moxy Hotel in Downtown Boston.

Of course, the holidays weren’t necessarily over for my friends and I- and a few days after the New Year began- we met up in Candia, New Hampshire for our annual Friendsgiving/Friends-Mas/Friendly New Year celebration. There was board games, and hiking- and quite a pancake breakfast involved over the course of the weekend- and I can’t wait to see everyone again in a couple of weeks!

And with resolutions on my mind and a new, very detailed planner on hand to keep me on track- January saw me get things done and get them done efficiently. I renewed all of my licenses/credentials, hit a weight loss/health goal- and a financial goal, too! I’m so pleased and proud- and I’m determined to keep that success momentum going through February, too.

My birthday was this month- and in true Aquarian fashion- I spent it indulging in tacos, a long hot tub soak and a heavenly massage during a night out in Northampton. And most recently, I dressed up and snacked heavily at my friend’s annual Royal Rumble party (where I also won $40. Thanks, Drew McIntyre!)

In-between all of those early year parties, gatherings and movie nights with good friends and great food- I also blogged about my Winter makeup collection and tried out some mood-boosting sunglasses to inject some color into my days.

And, of course- I launched “Coffee & Chiffon” this month, too. We can’t forget that!

January may have had it’s share of bizarre or upsetting headlines- as nearly every month does these days- but for me personally it was the beginning of something I feel and hope will be truly great.  There are some challenges ahead in February for sure- but I’ve also got a bit of travel and some local adventures planned to keep me going strong.

I hope January was just as kind to all of you, and I look forward to seeing you next month!


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Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm a blogger and a radio personality with a makeup and shoe addiction based out of Boston and the Pioneer Valley. These are my (mis)adventures.

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