A Few of My Favorite Things: January 2020

When the end of the month approaches, I like to take a little bit of time to share some of the things I particularly liked and enjoyed over the previous weeks. This can range anywhere from products I discovered, random things I purchased, gifts I received- to music, games or television shows I got hooked on- and everything in-between.

January has been quite a thrilling and memorable month for oddities I’ve enjoyed- especially with my birthday last week. Many of my friends and loved ones have as much of a unique sense of style and taste as I do- and I received a lot of really great and unexpected gifts I’ve been itching to share here for the past couple of days.

I like to start posts like this the same way- with the photos of things I *could* take pictures of, before I move onto other things that can’t quite be caught on camera- like Netflix documentaries or local businesses.

So without further delay- here are a few of my favorite things from January 2020!

When I had told my mother at the end of 2019 of my plans for redecorating my apartment to add a bit more blue and mint tones (my place is currently a gray/white/black color scheme) and had wanted to incorporate some retro/vintage pieces, as well- she wasted no time in finding this adorable little minty-hued radio from Art+Sound to surprise me with.

This radio picks up the local FM stations, sure- but it also has Bluetooth capabilities- which means I can sync up my own playlist while I get some cleaning done, exercise, or just have some background noise playing while I have guests over.

Now I want to find a record player in this color, too!

I did a lot of reading in January, thanks to friends and family who gifted me with some seriously fun and interesting books.

The first two, from Troy- were “Carpe That F*cking Diem,” which is right up my alley since I love a good inspirational quote and am known for having a mouth like a sailor sometimes. This hardcover collection combines both of those things- motivation and a well-placed curse word- in one pocket-sized book of daily affirmations for if/when I need them the most.

The second, “Abandoned New York: The Forgotten Beauties” by Jenn Brown is a photography book highlighting abandoned locations in and around rural New York. Urban exploration, another passion of mine- is made all the more interesting when you get to learn the fascinating history behind some of the locations. Not only are Jenn’s photos beautiful- but she offers some great facts, too.

And the third book, a present from my Aunt- is “The Emotionary: A Dictionary of Words That Don’t Exist for Feelings That Do” which has been SUCH a fun read. Who knew I needed words like Inattextive (incessant phone use during social situations) and Commiserage (commiserate + rage) in my life? The definitions- coupled with really funny illustrations- has made this a go-to coffee table book for sure.

I talked at length about my experience using RainbowOPTX’s mood-boosting sunglasses recently– and they were definitely one of my favorite things in January. I’m loving the deep blue and bright orange shades for the Winter, and I’m looking forward to transitioning into the purple and magenta shades once the warmer weather rolls around- not only because I’ll be outdoors a lot more- but because they’re going to look so good with my Spring/Summer wardrobe when I start wearing more color again!

And if you’d like to score an extra pair for free- keep an eye out on RainbowOPTX’s website and social media! They do a lot of BOGO-style stuff with purchases.

Finally, another item I blogged about recently and have been wearing pretty much non-stop this month is my teddy bear coat. Still plush, still warm and fuzzy- this has been my daily go-to when the temperatures are dipping lower than low and I don’t want to weigh myself down with heavy wools and multiple layers.

I’m going to be sad when it’s time to get this one ready to put into storage for the Spring! I’ve loved it so much!


And that just about does it for the “Photogenic Favorites”- but a few other things still made the list this month, too!

– Movies/Music/Television –

“Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez” – I can recall three big crime stories that stopped the city of Boston in it’s tracks. Whitey Bulger’s capture, the Boston Marathon Bombing- and the Aaron Hernandez saga. This miniseries, currently on Netflix, gives a really detailed and intimate look at the disgraced NFL star’s childhood, upbringing, rise to stardom- and the play-by-plays of the crimes that ultimately led to his downfall and eventual suicide.

The docu-series is incredibly well-done and at times, difficult to watch- but it’s a must-see nonetheless.

“What Did Jack Do?” – Another Netflix find, but infinitely more bizarre than the Aaron Hernandez documentary- this 17-minute short, directed by and starring David Lynch who spends the duration of the mini-film interrogating a monkey that may have committed a murder- is one of those late-night, perfect before bed quick views that will keep you laughing/confused for a long time.

I watched this, recommended it to a co-worker, and then sat anxiously while I waited for them to finish it so I could gauge their bewildered reaction and we could talk about how absolutely insane it was. Good times.

– Miscellaneous –

East Heaven Spa – I’m no stranger to this little piece of paradise in Northampton, since I’ve been going there a couple of times a year for special occasions- but in 2020 when I am devoting myself to my self-care and health/wellness- I’ll be spending more time here to indulge in relaxation and pampering to ease stress or tension.

I enjoyed a couple of visits at the spa right before New Year’s Eve and then most recently on my birthday- but I’m already booking my next session and highly recommending it to anyone in the Valley who needs some extra “you” time. This place is phenomenal.

But that is pretty much it for my favorite things in January 2020. A lovely little assortment, if I do say so myself. With just a couple more days to go before the month is over- I can’t wait to see what makes the list in February!


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