Seeing the World Through Rainbow-Colored Glasses…

When researching health and wellness trends for 2020 to keep me on track for my goals/resolutions for the year ahead (and to help me avoid potential scams, fad or flash-in-the-pan diets/products, etc.) one mood-boosting accessory really grabbed my attention: rainbow-tinted sunglasses.

Now, growing up in New England- I am no stranger to the hazards of seasonal depression. I, myself, have bouts of it from time to time- as do most of my family and friends. While Massachusetts and the surrounding states can be picturesque and serene in the Fall and the warmer months of Spring and Summer- Winter tends to be absolutely brutal- especially if you’re like me and you enjoy spending a great deal of time outdoors.

Bitter cold temperatures, pitch blackness at 4 PM for weeks on end, and way more snow than any one region deserves- it can really take a toll on your mood and your psyche. There are days when I feel so drained, and so tired- that I don’t want to move and can sleep for hours and *still* feel exhausted when it’s finally time to get up.

And while I’m not naive enough to think that a simple pair of sunglasses would be enough to pull me fully out of my “Winter Blues”- I was admittedly curious and decided to order a pair from RainbowOPTX– the company at the forefront of this experimental trend. I figured that at best, I’d have glasses that would protect my eyes from the sun while simultaneously relaxing/calming me with bright and colorful lenses. And, at the worst- at least I’d have a unique pair of shades to wear out and about while I remained stressed out and moody.

I opted for a pair of the deep blue cat-eye shades- one of my favorite styles- not only to get on point with this year’s Pantone Color of the Year, but also because the blue is said to be calming/relaxing and used to awaken artistic expression and intuition. Two things you need when you’re living in the Pioneer Valley.

My order came with a free pair of orange translucent shades, as well (said to boost joy, wisdom and feelings of sociability) and each pair of sunglasses were wrapped in a microfiber drawstring bag with decorative, color-coordinated artwork printed around it. I also received a postcard with a chart detailing how different colors affect one’s chakra.

So, what’s the verdict?

Initially, each pair of sunglasses needed a little bit of an adjustment period- since I’m so used to wearing shades with black/gray lenses. To suddenly see the world through a bright blue or fluorescent orange hue was a bit of a shock at first. But, as my eyes adjusted and I went about my days (I tried each pair for a couple of days at a time to try and accurately detect/record any difference in my mood and overall head space)– I have to admit that I felt pretty relaxed and calm while I wore the blue shades.

And, although I wasn’t necessarily doing back-flips or cartwheels while I had the orange pair on- I *did* feel a bit more energized as I ran errands, or drove to work, etc.

Are these sunglasses the go-to, cure-all for a bad mood or seasonal depression? Of course not- but they did make me feel a little better- and that means a lot when the temperatures are in the single digits and it’s snowing/sleeting every other day. I’ll take any relief I can get.

RainbowOPTX have a wide assortment of styles and different colors depending on what aspect of your mood you’re looking to improve or benefit. I’m thinking that by Spring/Summer, when my wardrobe gets a bit more colorful- I may invest in some of the violet or magenta shades to match. They’re very, very cute!


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