A Month to Remember: August 2020

When ranking my favorite seasons, Fall definitely comes first, followed by Summer, then Spring- and finally- dreadful Winter. I’ve shoveled my way through enough blizzards and driven over enough icy roads in my lifetime to say that with the utmost certainty and confidence.

And although Fall is just around the corner (I say it begins on September 1st- although I know many would argue it *feels* like it begins after Labor Day,) it’s still a bit sad to be saying goodbye to Summer- even if it was one of the most bizarre ones we’ve had in recent memory- because I’m so fond of beach days, swimming in the ocean and lounging in the sunshine.

This past month was filled with wonderful, memorable moments- the most notable highlights being my week-long, cross-country trip to Nevada and California where I visited and stayed with my dearest Kelsey’s family (I outlined my trip in three separate posts- HERE, HERE and HERE)– and although I quarantined leading up to and immediately following my trip, which significantly limited my ability to travel much around home and develop content for “Coffee & Chiffon”- I still managed to share my Summer skincare/hair care regimen and wrap up a series of Summertime recipes and OOTD posts before I start breaking out my Autumnal-inspired kitchen concoctions and wardrobe.

But, as with most of 2020- August was not without it’s fair share of hardships, too. Now that we are heading into six months of this pandemic here in the States, I believe many people- myself included- have been struggling with self-care, their mental health and personal relationships. Having to socially distance from friends and loved ones for such an extended period of time, inevitable cancellations of events and gatherings, financial hardships and uncertainty as companies and businesses temporarily and/or permanently shutter closed- all of this can take a significant toll on one’s emotional, mental, physical and psychological well-being.

August saw me entangled in bitter disagreements and re-evaluating longtime friendships/relationships that have been notably strained in recent weeks/months as I struggle through this pandemic as so many others are doing and consequently severing ties with those who have used- albeit unintentionally- the current situation as a means to gaslight, psychoanalyze (when they are *not* licensed therapists) and unhealthily project negativity and their own trauma from recent events.

It has not been easy, as I still care very much about them, want the best for them- and hope that things can someday be salvaged or repaired between me and them- but it was a necessary process to go through in order to put myself and my own well-being first as I continue to move forward with as much grace, gentleness and kindness for myself and for others as I can- even on the days that are unbearably difficult or overwhelming.

It doesn’t mean I’m not disappointed and heartbroken over it, though- and as this month and the Summer wraps up- I am still processing those emotions and taking things day by day.

And now, with Fall pretty much here and my post-travel mandatory quarantine period officially over- I’m hoping I can immerse myself in the seasonal activities I love and which make me happiest and bring me the most peace as I continue to push forward. I have a lot of things planned for September- from visiting more unusual New England oddities, checking in at the local apple orchards and pumpkin patches, sharing Autumnal recipes I’ve been craving over the past couple of weeks- and updating my wardrobe as the cooler weather starts to set in.

So, here’s to August and to Summer 2020. It definitely could have been better for sure- but I’m thankful it wasn’t worse. I experienced and learned a lot, both gained and lost valuable and cherished things in my life- and managed to get a tan for the first time in forever.

I hope the month ahead is a good one for all of us.


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Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm a blogger and a radio personality with a makeup and shoe addiction based out of Boston and the Pioneer Valley. These are my (mis)adventures.

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