A Few of My Favorite Things: August 2020

Although Fall is undoubtedly my favorite season- it’s a little crazy to me that the Summer is nearly over already (although I really shouldn’t be surprised by anything happening in 2020- including time seemingly slowing down/speeding up at random.) While I fully intend to look back on this past month and do my write-up on the highs, lows and in-betweens within the coming days- this is my last “Favorite Things” post of the Summer season!

Until 2021, anyway- unless an asteroid hits the Earth or something- and that’s very possible given how wild this year has been so far.

I digress- there wasn’t a lot on my list this month- mainly because I spent most of my time traveling and then quarantining post-travel- so a lot of things I love/loved from June & July were big hits again in August, as well- but a couple of new arrivals were definitely worth mentioning!

As is tradition- I’ll show off the stuff I could capture photos of before I head into some of the music and miscellaneous things that have been getting me through this last leg of the season.

First things first- I always love and appreciate a lightweight, canvas cooler- especially if it’s ridiculously cute. They come in handy on beach days, afternoons at the lake, or road trips when I just want to keep my food/drinks cold for hours without having to drag around one of those heavy plastic containers loaded with ice cubes/ice packs.

This insulated bag from Business & Pleasure Co. was a lifesaver during my drive from Vegas to San Diego, as well as when I needed to keep frozen groceries cold during the drive home after an emergency supply run shortly after my return to the East Coast.

Even though this cooler looks small, it fits quite a bit- and I love the bright yellow color! It’s so cheery.

While I didn’t buy a lot of stuff for myself while I was in Nevada & California (save for a couple of tops/sweaters)– one thing I absolutely had to splurge on was this alien coffee mug while I was stopped at Alien Fresh Jerky in Baker, California.

I love a good roadside oddity or tourist trap, honestly. They offer a little reprieve from long drives- and nine times out of ten they turn out being so bizarre and unique that they’re actually very, very fun. Alien Fresh Jerky ended up being just that- so ridiculous and over-the-top that it was worth the stop along the way.

And this mug is just plain funny.

I was pretty upfront when it came to expressing my fears/concerns about traveling across the country and back during a pandemic- especially when my country has been doing an absolutely horrible job of managing outbreaks/spread. And, although my airline was phenomenal with their mask mandates and cleanliness (I love JetBlue!)– I wanted to take some extra precautions, as well.

These in-flight “smart” kits from iFLYSmart gave me additional peace of mind.

Each kit ($9.95 each) contains 8 antiseptic hand wipes, 1 pair of gloves, 1 headrest cover- and 2 face masks. I was able to do a wipe-down of my headrest, tray table and seat belt- all while keeping my face and hands covered through takeoff.

If you’re thinking of traveling anytime soon- I highly recommend grabbing a couple of these!

And finally, I was gifted this watermelon-scented lip plumping gloss trio from The Beauty Crop earlier this month- and even though I haven’t had much of an opportunity to wear them out and about (masks and whatnot)– they are fantastic, super pigmented, and infused with both watermelon seed oil for healing purposes and peppermint oil for a nice, tingling sensation as your lips plump up.

My favorite shade for the Summer has definitely been the bright, cherry red color- but I have a feeling I’ll be leaning more towards the shimmery bronze or glittery clear gloss as Fall approaches.

And that’s about it for August- save for a few odds and ends here and there- so let’s get to those next!

– Movies/Music/Television –

The Killers – “Imploding the Mirage” – FINALLY a new Killers album, and it’s a good one! ItM dropped just last week, but it’s been on heavy rotation in my apartment and in my car ever since. “My Own Soul’s Warning” is still my favorite track by far- but the collaborations with k.d. lang and Weyes Blood are really fantastic, too. Having new Killers music is bittersweet, and I wish Kelsey could be here to listen to it/dissect the album from track-to-track with me- although my mom has volunteered to critique it and appreciate it with me.

I can’t wait until we’re back to seeing live acts again- because the tour to support this album is going to be an amazing time.


The Michelle Obama Podcast – Have you ever had someone’s voice just immediately make you feel calmer, more relaxed and optimistic? Well, for me that voice is Michelle Obama’s- so naturally when she launched her podcast on Spotify at the very end of July- I was all about it. I love listening to the episodes while I’m working in the early morning- before my phone starts ringing and before the e-mails start pouring in.

And of course Barack was her first guest!

And there you have it- my favorites for August 2020: a small collection of random items that have made this brief- but busy- month a little more fun as the Summer winds down.

I anticipate there’s going to be a lot of pumpkin-themed things when I put together my list for September.


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