Local Loves: Hot Dog Annie’s

Having been born and raised in Worcester, Massachusetts- there was one place that was mandatory to visit for families and groups of friends in and around the city before the end of each Summer- a little red roadside takeout spot in Leicester that has been there for over sixty years and remains famous for serving some of the best hot dogs in New England.

I feel like this place needs no introduction for any locals reading this- but *of course* I’m talking about Hot Dog Annie’s. They’ve been around since the 1940s- and it’s a place my grandparents used to go to, and my parents, aunts & uncles- and then my brothers and I when we were growing up.

I admittedly haven’t been to Hot Dog Annie’s in a few years- since the last time I’d stopped by the service had been less than satisfactory (a woman who used to work there was notorious for being rude,) but they’ve since updated their staff and their menu- and their “one entrance/one exit” walk-through order-and-go system is ideal for those looking for takeout in the the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

I swung by there recently while I was in the area and the craving for sweet relish and potato chips hit me as I hadn’t eaten all day. This time, the staff were super friendly and quick- with one cooking the food, one packing it up, and one ringing each customer out in a fast and fluid fashion. I was only in there for a couple of minutes before I’d been able to return to my car and eat in peace.

Hot Dog Annie’s keeps it local with their chips and beverages- which is always appreciated since I’ve been a longtime lover of Wachusett Potato Chips (clearly the best brand out there)– and everything is super cheap so a quick meal costs next to nothing.

My lunch felt like a nice way to send off August and this current season, since September and the Fall are right around the corner. I’m hoping I’ll be back here for another meal in Summer 2021, too!


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