Local Loves: Retro Pop Shop

In all my travels through the Berkshires over these past few years since moving to Western Massachusetts, there is a brightly-colored shop on Laurel Street in Lee- not far from a few restaurants and bars I’ve frequented- that I’ve driven by no less than a hundred times but had never stopped in prior to this past weekend. While out enjoying the Springtime weather and running a couple of pre-Easter errands on Saturday, I noticed it was open for business and immediately pulled a U-turn so I could go back and see it in person once and for all- and I wasn’t disappointed!

The Retro Pop Shop in aforementioned Lee, Massachusetts is an antique shop featuring an impressive collection of retro, roadside memorabilia from the golden age of malt shops and cross-country road trips. Jukeboxes, classic Coke Cola vending machines, neon motel signs and so much more- it’s easy to get lost in just how many finds are stacked around!

As someone who cherishes my long drives through the Southwest and into California- seeing so many relics from roadside diners, truck stops and cafés made me oh so happy- and the prices on the stuff that was for sale and not just for show weren’t bad! I’m already thinking of ways I can implement a giant neon sign into my apartment somehow.

While I was there, I was able to speak at length with the owner and curator, Pierre- who had so many great and fascinating stories about how he came into possession of some of the more unique and quirkier parts of the collection. If you stop by, be sure to say hello and ask him some questions! He’s very kind and knowledgeable!

The Retro Pop Shop is open on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays- and is such a cool spot to visit if you’re traveling through the Berkshires. I’m planning on bringing my mom there soon since I know she’ll have a blast looking at everything- and I might even convince her to buy a jukebox just for fun!


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