Cider, Antiques and Cheese-To-Share…

One of my favorite Early Fall/Late September traditions is visiting one or more of the multiple Autumn/Harvest Festivals we have around various towns and counties in New England. There’s something really fun about meeting and supporting local vendors, artists, etc. and I often walk away having discovered really great products, food, gifts, so on and so forth.

So this past weekend during a very sunny but equally crisp morning- I headed to Barre, Massachusetts where my friend (and podcast co-host!) Stef lives with her husband, Andy. Not only were we planning on recording a new episode of ‘Baking to the B Movies’- but we had wanted to check out Barre’s annual Fall Festival that was taking place in the town common this year, too.

While browsing different vendors and shop tents (and indulging in some seriously amazing local apple cider)– we passed by the Barre Historical Society– who were doing a massive cleanout of their basement- and who were selling/giving away various old newspapers, books, lighting fixtures, furniture, glassware and some really, really cool original photographs. While Stef and Andy were looking over a set of antique street lamps that were available for the end of their driveway- I made a donation to the society in exchange for two photos that stood out to me in ways I’m still not quite sure how to explain. I just knew I had to have them.

But really, how cool are those?

Afterwards, it was back to Stef’s farm for some audio work/recording- where we also indulged in fondue with fresh vegetables, meat and homemade bread. It was the perfect way to close out a perfect Fall day- and was absolutely delicious! I have a feeling I’ll be sharing that recipe on here soon since we are officially in slow-cooker season!

And speaking of perfect Fall days- I am preparing to head out to Schenectady, New York this afternoon via the scenic route for a few days of foliage and hopefully picking whatever pumpkins I can find after I familiarize myself with the area. I’m sure I’ll have photos from during my journey over on MY INSTAGRAM – so feel free to check it out and follow along!

See you all soon!


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