Local Loves: Sunny Mountain Farm

I had mentioned in my last post that I have been spending a lot of time back and forth between my apartment and The Berkshires in recent days since Troy is visiting from the West Coast for work- which means that on our respective days off I have been trying to pack as many Fall-esque activities into 24 hours as possible. Part of this challenge, that I very much and enthusiastically enjoy, by the way- is the commute to and from Lee, Massachusetts- which takes just over an hour on the back roads and is my preferred method of travel (I love the scenic route this time of year!)

Recently, while en route to Lee- I passed through a winding, farm-lined road in Huntington, Massachusetts- where I came across what was one of the most adorable, unique and well-stocked farmstands I’ve ever seen around New England. I knew right away that I had to share it/write about it- especially since I plan on going back at some point this coming weekend to buy a few more homemade goods!

Sunny Mountain Farm is a farmstand, apothecary and gift shop all rolled into one quaint and super cute store on the back roads of Western Massachusetts. Featuring fresh produce, flowers, home décor, natural bath and body products and homemade candles and potpourri via Crows Nest Primitive Shoppe– I was immediately smitten and picked out a few things to decorate my apartment for the season (and surprise my mom with a couple of gifts. too.)

The shop has an honor system, meaning you pay via cash/envelope in a lockbox by the door- or by Venmo- depending on what’s more convenient for you. But you can also order some of their products online, too!

I could tell each item for sale was crafted with care and skill. The candles and room sprays available all smelled amazing, the flowers were vibrant and well cared for- and the packaging for everything was so pretty and unique. Finding Sunny Mountain Farm was one of the best things ever during an already gorgeous commute- and stopping to check it out was a great decision.

I’m looking forward on picking up some more things during my next drive to Lee in a couple of days!


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