Greetings From Schenectady!

Hello from New York, everyone! After rolling into town late Wednesday night while accompanying my friend Troy here for a work function he’s participating in, I’m going to be hanging around town (and if you’re having trouble pronouncing the name- no worries- I definitely am too!) and parts of Albany throughout this coming weekend. I’m working remotely, of course- but my down time/off days are being spent exploring and admiring the upstate scenery. There’s so many beautiful homes and historic buildings that I’m obsessed with.

And I’m being well-fed, too! Prior to our departure from The Berkshires, Troy and I stopped at 51 Park in Lee, Massachusetts for dinner and to on sip two of the best tasting seasonal cocktails I’ve ever had- a roasted pear mimosa and an apple butter mule. They were so good that I asked if we could order them again on our way back this weekend.

We’ve also made stops at 20 North Broadway Tavern (their patty melt was awesome!) and I’m excited to check out a couple of places within walking distance of where I’m staying for lunch today and breakfast tomorrow.

And in keeping up with my “Historic Haunts” series, I made sure to stop by one of Schenectady’s very own unusual locations- this one within a mall parking lot- the Vedder Family Cemetery. With 13 headstones dated between 1705 through 1829 for the founding family- the plot was abandoned and all but forgotten before propositions for the construction of a new mall/shopping center in town began taking place.

Despite pushback from Schenectady residents- the mall was built as planned and as scheduled- with one catch: the family cemetery couldn’t legally be declared a historic landmark under New York’s guidelines- but it was not to be moved or tampered with.

Instead, the mall built a gate and fence around the graves with a placard acknowledging it’s importance to the town’s history- and it now stands just outside a movie theater entrance way. It took a little searching around the plaza (which was more spacious than I anticipated)– but we found it!

I’m going to be back next week with more photos and stories from my trip and time on the road- as well as a look into some of my favorite things from these past few weeks before we dive into my favorite month of them all- October!

But there’s still plenty of fun to be had in what’s left of September. I’m in no rush!

See you all soon!


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