“When In Doubt – Add Flowers…”

Pre-pandemic, one of my favorite traditions was driving to Northampton to check out the annual Bulb Show at Smith College’s Botanic Garden, a free event that took place the first couple of weeks of March every year. However, since COVID- the show has gone from being virtual (not nearly as satisfying) to having reserved spots that were quickly filled up this year by past and present alumni and donors.

And, truthfully- I had been looking for an alternative flower show/garden to visit this Spring as I have conflicting views and morals that do not align with recent questionable behavior that Smith College and some of their graduates have been involved in. As lovely as their flower show is/was- paying a monetary sum to see it and knowing those funds could potentially be spent further supporting said questionable behavior didn’t sit right with me- and I resigned myself to spending another early March with more snow than signs of Spring.

But then I got an advertisement from the Berkshire Botanical Garden, located in Stockbridge (where I spent New Year’s Eve/Day!) who are having their own bulb show from now through March 13th. And, while their greenhouse is smaller than the one Smith has- it’s just as, if not more beautiful given the pathways that lead to it. Best of all? It’s free- and not just for members/donors- but everyone.

The drive to/from Stockbridge is one of my favorites to make- especially since I famously always take the back roads wherever I go- and I had such a nice morning after grabbing my coffee and snapping photos of all the tulips, daffodils, succulents, etc.!

I think the Berkshire Botanical Garden is going to be my new tradition every Spring!


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