OOTD: Euphoria-Inspired…

When it comes to the show “Euphoria,” I’ve only ever seen sporadic clips- despite many of my friends being absolutely obsessed with it. What I’ve gathered thus far is that Nate Jacobs is the worst and Cassie Howard deserved the slap-down she recently received in an episode/season finale (?)

I feel like every generation needs and is entitled to their over-the-top series that heavily dramatizes and embellishes the average/typical American high school experience (where are the teachers?!)– and I’m all for the “Euphoria” love. The wardrobes are great, the soundtrack is fantastic- and the cinematography is stunning.

So when Dan told me he had neon lights that would make any typical portrait session way more dramatic and colorful- I knew I wanted to do something inspired by the show and the rosy/purple and blue hues I’ve been seeing everywhere.

I grabbed a black top from GOLDRAY- complete with strategic and daring cut-outs along the shoulder and chest- my faux-leather hooded jacket from Mo-Ka, and did a heavy handed application of the glitteriest, most pigmented purple eyeshadow I could find (e.l.f. Cosmetics’ liquid glitter eyeshadow in “Purple Reign.”) before stepping under/next to the lights.

I promise you, this outfit looks great under natural lighting, too- it’s one of my favorite casual/weekend-wear ensembles- but I absolutely loved how it looked in this lighting. I felt like I was outside one of my favorite dive bars in my hometown, or stepping out into the late-night-lights of Downtown Las Vegas (my home away from home.)

I feel like I really should sit down and catch up on “Euphoria” for further inspiration now, too… We’ll see!

[ Photos by Dan Little ]


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