Standing With Ukraine

In retrospect, I should have shared this post well before today- but in a world filled with misinformation and varying degrees of scammers prowling social media and the web- I wanted to make sure that any links or resources I shared were legitimate and transparent with where any funds/donations were going.

I’ve always said that I try to keep ‘Coffee & Chiffon’ as light and fun as possible- reserving my politics and/or my activism for my in-person, every day life. I continue to strive to maintain this place as a no-stress, chill corner of the blogging world- both for my own sanity and for the sanity of those who read my posts regularly.

But every once in a while, I have to get serious and talk about current events- including atrocities, injustices and blatant crimes, especially since I have the luxury of being able to write this from the comforts of my apartment where I am safe, warm and secure- while millions of innocent people aren’t nearly as fortunate and are being forced to either fight for or flee their homes and communities- not knowing if they’ll ever be able to return and what will be left for them if and when they do.

Seeing the devastation across the Ukraine is heartbreaking. Hearing the stories of those who have stayed to fight for their country and provide aid to those who cannot flee is inspiring- and of course there is the absolute and overwhelming anger at the people and circumstances that have led to this invasion in the first place.

I cannot fathom that kind of fear and uncertainty. I cannot imagine having to leave my home with as much as my arms can carry and trek hundreds of miles through dangerous territory to a new country while wondering if my friends and family will be okay, if my home will be left standing- and if I can ever go back to it and live normally or peacefully again.

Wanting to help those affected, and maybe not knowing quite how to do so as things continue to unfold at such a rapid pace is normal- but I’ve compiled a list of some reliable organizations and groups who are on the ground and providing resources for those in need who have both remained in Ukraine and who are actively relocating across borders, and for groups who are rebuilding the areas/property that have been damaged by missiles and bombings.

You can click the following links for more information:

Additionally, and I love that they did this- but you can also help small business owners in the Ukraine via Etsy- who have compiled an assortment of shops in the region.

Be good to each other out there.


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