Local Loves: Poet’s Seat

At the peak of Rocky Mountain Park and overlooking Greenfield, Massachusetts- with a spectacular view of my apartment, by the way!- lies the historic Poet’s Seat Tower. Originally constructed in 1873 and named for/dedicated to the phrase commonly used by famed local poet Frederick Tuckerman Goddard, this observation tower offers panoramic views of the town below and the mountains looming in Western Massachusetts. The spot, it’s said, is perfect for inspiring artists, writers and poets given how peaceful and pretty it is year-round.

The tower, originally constructed out of wood- was replaced by it’s current stone version in 1912 where it still stands today. The surrounding area has been made more accessible to the public, as well- with a paved road leading directly to the tower, a designated parking area for visitors- and benches along the nearby trails that are perfect for picnics or just sitting and relaxing.

Every Christmas, the top of the tower is adorned with a brightly lit tree that can be seen for miles, although it typically has a flag on display following the holidays.

And although Poet’s Seat is an absolutely gorgeous place to visit in the Fall or the Spring- when either the foliage or the blooms are at their peak- I personally love visiting in the warmer days immediately following a snowstorm, when it’s less-crowded and super foggy. Such was the case earlier this week when I stopped by for a quick hike during my lunch break. I couldn’t see much past the thick levels of mist rising from the melting snow and ice- but it was still such a quiet and beautiful little trek nonetheless!

Personally, I think the kind of spooky photos are better than the ones I’ve taken on a sunny, clear day!

If you ever find yourself in my town and visiting Poet’s Seat (and it’s worth the trip, really)– try to see if you can spot me or my apartment from the top of the tower! And, if you do- give me a wave!


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