A Month to Remember: April 2021

April showers bring May flowers- but what do April snowstorms, thunderstorms, and hot-then-cold-then-hot-again days bring? A case of the sniffles and some crazy allergies, it turns out- but also the chance to see some beautiful blooming flowers/trees and plenty of time to plan for warmer, sunnier days ahead! Sure, the weather this past month may have been wild and unpredictable most of the time- but it didn’t stop me from having some fun, making big strides in getting through to the other side of this pandemic- and being able to see some of my friends and family again.

Although my trip to Las Vegas was near the tail end of March, I kicked April off with a full write-up of my week-long stay, which featured plenty of photos and my personal recommendations on where to eat/stay/shop on (and off!) the Strip. No sooner had I finished unpacking before it was time to whip up a couple of desserts and head back to my hometown to see my family for a socially distanced Easter at my mom’s house just a few short days later.

April 2021 saw me making day trips to photograph the change in seasons in places like Pomfret and Mystic, Connecticut- as well as keeping it local by visiting one of my favorite restaurants– which is just a stone’s throw away from my apartment! I also took the opportunity to share my Spring makeup collection this past month, as well- in-between recipe and OOTD/Outfit of The Day posts where I highlighted flavors and patterns that were/are perfect for the Springtime.

And while my taking up gardening as a pastime may have been considered big news for anyone who has known me for any length of time- it was my getting my first Pfizer vaccination earlier this month that was the true highlight of April for me. A sore arm and a little grogginess was worth knowing that pretty soon I can live a semi-normal life again- and I’m anxiously awaiting my second dosage in a couple of weeks.

So what do I have in store for May- apart from becoming fully vaccinated? A little bit of local travel, of course- and maybe even a couple of ventures out to the farther corners of Massachusetts/New England. I’ve got a few more Spring-inspired wardrobe staples to share before the Summer arrives- and some kitchen concoctions to keep things interesting for lunch and dinner in the weeks ahead!

And of course, I’ll try to include a few surprises here and there.

So here’s to April- and more importantly- to May’s weather/temperatures finally getting under control!


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Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm a blogger and a radio personality with a makeup and shoe addiction based out of Boston and the Pioneer Valley. These are my (mis)adventures.

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