A Few of My Favorite Things: April 2021

With the beginning of May just a few short days away, it seemed like as good a time as any to share the things that helped make this past April- filled with fickle weather, earnest gardening endeavors and the occasional incredible dinner- all the more fun and enjoyable. From blonde-saving sprays to indulgent body creams and guilty pleasure TV- I had to talk about the products and miscellaneous odds and ends I’ve been obsessing over these last few weeks in-between a pretty packed schedule.

Of course, I’ll have my usual and more personal rewind/recap of this month that was up on the blog by the end of the week- but today is all about the finds, splurges and stumbled-upon-gems that have been lifesavers for the Spring.

And as is tradition, I’ll be sharing the things I could capture photos of before I dive anything and everything else.

So without further delay, let’s get right into it! These were a few of my favorite things from April 2021.

Friends have been telling me how life-changing a good scalp massager/shampoo brush is- citing my thick and curly hair as even more of a good reason to invest in one of my own. I finally caved, purchasing this silicone brush from HEETA (only $8!) and I have to say- everyone was right. Not only is this brush super soothing while I massage it over my head and along the back of my neck in the shower, but it also helps break up product buildup and excess oils along my roots- leaving my hair feeling squeaky clean and my scalp a little less dry and itchy.

I typically use this 2-3x a week when I shampoo my hair, and have noticed a considerable difference since I started incorporating it into my routine earlier this month. I highly recommend picking up one of your own if you haven’t done so already!

Now that I am, well, SUPER blonde now- protecting my color while keeping my hair hydrated and healthy is the priority. Purple shampoos and conditioners. Weekly moisture masks and clarifying creams- and products that don’t have any harmful, brass-inducing or drying chemicals in them.

So when it came to quick and easy styling solutions- I turned to my trusted friends at Sun Bum and their new purple collection to keep my hair beachy blonde and not coppery or orange. Two of their sprays/serums are my go-tos- the first being their hair lightener mist. I spritz some of this lightweight spray throughout my curls before I’m heading out into the sun for any considerable amount of time and it works to keep my color vibrant, fresh and light.

And the tone enhancer, which I use every other day- is perfect for detangling, fighting frizz, and keeping brass at bay. If I feel like some of my natural red highlights are starting to poke through again in-between salon visits- this bright purple serum helps get it under control.

These two products will definitely be making another appearance on “Coffee & Chiffon” when I write about my Springtime skin & hair care regimen next month!

I had already talked at length about my love of Urban Decay’s new Southwestern-inspired palette, “Wild West”, earlier this month when sharing my Spring 2021 makeup routine– so of course it would show up in my favorites for this month, as well! This collection of colors and finishes- from sparkling metallics to bold mattes- is going to carry me well into the Summer, I think. The shades are definitely reminiscent of days in the desert- but there’s something about them that reminds me of the beach, too.

This palette, combined with my blonde hair and still somewhat-tanned skin from my last trip out to Nevada- has been a combination I am loving.

And finally, I’ve been easing my way back into higher-cut hems and shorts with the warmer weather approaching- which means I have to find a moisturizing and firming all over lotion to nourish my skin after I exfoliate to keep me looking and feeling soft and smooth. This ultra-rich cream from Miami Beach Bum does just that- all while making me smell like an orange creamsicle.

The vegan formula, infused with oregano, aloe and jojoba- is decadent and gives me results that last all day and well into the evening before I reapply for bedtime. Best of all? There’s no greasy residue or weird shine that stays on the skin after each application. It’s a lightweight formula that sinks right into my legs, arms, etc.

That just about does it for the photogenic products/items- but as always- a couple of other things made the cut for this month, too!

– Music/Movies/Television –

“Cruel Summer” – I didn’t want to buy into the FreeForm hype. The network, which has infamously brought us shows-that-just-wouldn’t-die like “Pretty Little Liars” and “The Fosters” that were primarily geared towards teenagers- released a more adult-themed mini-series earlier this month that has been really, really good so far.

Produced by Jessica Biel and spanning throughout three Summers in the early-to-mid-1990s- “Cruel Summer” follows the aftermath of a kidnapping in rural Texas and quickly spirals into a mystery/crime thriller when the victim reemerges and starts talking about what happened to her- and who knew where she was but didn’t say anything.

I’ve been completely captivated by it (and it’s soundtrack!)– and am waiting to see what new twists unfold every week.

“Mortal Kombat” – Speaking of 1990s nostalgia- inject this over-the-top, cheesy and gratuitously violent garbage directly into my veins. I watched this for the same reasons I watched the two original movies when I was a kid- because I knew how insane it was going to be- and I enjoyed every second of it.

Anyone who is looking for a serious, dramatic, poignant film? Skip over this completely- but if you’re into fun, ridiculous and super gory video game movies? You’ll love this. I promise.

And that just about does it for my favorites from April 2021! A lot of self-care, some impulse buys- and a sprinkle of really fun TV/movies to mix it up a little.

We’ll see what makes the list in May!


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