A Month to Remember: June 2020

Historically, June has always seemed to be a difficult month for me to get through for a very long time now. Whether or not it’s because of some sort of astrological shift, the transitioning seasons from Spring to Summer creating a bit of cosmic chaos, or simply because of Father’s Day being a painful reminder of happier times (which I elaborated on a few days ago)– whenever I look back on a year as a whole- it’s like there’s a sudden “dip” when June arrives and everything seems to go wrong all at once before they start to progress upward again come July and August.

I’ve learned to just prepare for it, since I can’t seem to explain it or avoid it no matter how hard I try.

2020 was no different with that trend. The ongoing pandemic and National unrest aside- June just felt rough- like the past few months’ worth of uncertainty and frustration reached a boiling point. Work was tougher than usual. Patience ran thinner. Important financial decisions were particularly stressful- and at the height of it all- a nearly 20 year friendship I valued and cherished seemed to disintegrate in a matter of minutes after I came forward to tell someone near and dear to me that I was concerned about the way they had grown accustomed to talking to me and treating me. Rather than attempt to work through the issue or have a discussion about it- they opted to write me out of their lives, instead. It was hurtful, and infuriating- but I could say it’s just another casualty of “June Gloom” as I’ve grown to call it.

Apart from my usual recipe and wardrobe posts this past month- I took the opportunity to look back on my progress when it came to the resolutions I had set for myself at the end of 2019. While I’ve done surprisingly well with reaching my goals- all things considered- I’ve still got some work to do before the year is over. I also discussed racial inequality and pledged my support to the Black Lives Matter movement as we continue to see protests and push for changes to defeat the racism and white supremacy which has gone unchecked in this country for entirely too long.

In lighter moments, I talked about Summer perfume and conquering past trauma to enjoy cooling off in Vermont– something I have a feeling I’ll be doing more of in the coming weeks since the temperatures continue to skyrocket here.

And here I am- having made it through another June (relatively?) unscathed. Until June 2021, that is.

So what’s on the docket for July? Well, I’ve created a fun little bucket list- thanks, Pinterest!- to get me through the remainder of the season. It includes improvising the to-be-expected and usual Summertime activities to make them more Pandemic-friendly while incorporating social distancing.

I’ve also got more recipes to share and more outfits to show off- as well as a bit of local travel and highlighting some small businesses in the area that are starting to open back up (with new safety protocols) for the Summer.

So here’s to June- a month that was undoubtedly tough- but proved that I’m just a little bit tougher.

I hope July is a bit easier for all of us.


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Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm a blogger and a radio personality with a makeup and shoe addiction based out of Boston and the Pioneer Valley. These are my (mis)adventures.

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