A Few of My Favorite Things: June 2020

With Summer *officially* underway as of June 20th (although I was already celebrating the season long before this past weekend) I’ve been determined to enjoy the sunshine, the ocean- while socially distancing, of course- and all the scents, flavors and style that comes with this time of year- and I don’t intend on letting a pandemic stop me. COVID-19 has already taken so much from everyone in terms of our plans and livelihood. I don’t want to let it completely dictate my Summer, too.

I believe that you can still have fun this season as long as you remain responsible and vigilant. Wear a mask. Wash your hands frequently. Respect distancing and quarantine yourself when needed or recommended. Here in New England, you can still go get ice cream or seafood (as long as you’re not hovering over one another while waiting in line) or go to the beach if you can keep a safe space from other visitors. It may feel weird or uncomfortable at times, maybe even frustrating- but it’s actually a pretty easy habit to develop if you keep at it. Just remember that you’re not just doing it for yourself. You’re doing it for other people, too.

I digress. With June nearly over- it’s time to share some of my favorite things from these past few weeks that have made the gradual transition from Springtime and severe pollen allergies into Summer and scorching temperatures a lot easier.

Let’s see what made the list!

Much like my hair color, I have been unable to get my nails done professionally since the beginning of March. Although salons are gradually starting to reopen around my state with strict safety standards- I’m giving it a little more time before I start booking appointments- just in case.

So in the meantime, I’ve been doing my own nails- which never looks quite as good as when I have them done by someone else- but has been friendlier on my cuticles and my budget. For the Summer, I turned to these two lovely and bright shades from Olive & June. Vegan and free of harmful chemicals- these polishes are long-lasting and apply smoothly. The purple shade, “Bold & Unshaken” is my favorite for my hands- while the soft coral, “Wild & Free” looks great on my toes. And now that I’m wearing sandals all day every day- I get to admire my handiwork as it slowly improves with practice!

I’m all about Summery scents. Watermelon? Lemon? Coconut? Give them all to me. I always splurge on candles this time of year that remind me of trips to California or days on the boardwalk- and honestly Bath & Body Works seems to have mastered the art of bottling memories in fragrance form. Although their candles may not last a long time- they are by far the most powerful- and for that reason I never mind having to buy them a little more frequently than I would other brands.

I recently stocked up during one of my late night quarantine-splurges- and this “Berry Waffle Cone” one is by far my favorite of the bunch I selected. It legitimately smells like strawberry ice cream in a sugar cone- and it is HEAVENLY. My apartment smells so nice with this one- and I have a feeling I’ll probably buy a ton more before the season is over just to have on hand.

Speaking of fragrances, earlier this month I shared this incredible care package I received from Victoria’s Secret which included their limited edition Summer-inspired version of their Bombshell perfume, “Bombshell: Paradise.” I’ve since become obsessed with it- spritzing it on throughout the day or religiously applying the lotion even when I’m not leaving the apartment. It’s light, tropical, and perfect for the season.

And the bottle, which looks like a sunset in a glass- is so pretty. I’m still so grateful for this one. It was definitely such a pleasant surprise to receive!

And finally, although I’ve been essentially living in sandals in recent weeks- sometimes I need to throw on actual shoes when I’m working out, going for a walk, etc. Enter these super comfortable slip-on flats from TOMS. With rocket pop print- these are ridiculously cute and just scream “Summer!” whenever I have them on.

Also? They glow in the dark. I may be a grown woman- but if it sparkles or glows in the dark I need it and want it immediately. These shoes were no exception.

That’s all I’ve got for the things I could snap photos of- but of course a few other things made the cut this month, too!

– Movies/Music/Television –

“Drunk History” – I’ve been a fan of “Drunk History” since it uploaded it’s first episodes on YouTube- but while in quarantine I’ve been revisiting the series in it’s entirety on Hulu. It seems that with all the protests and revolutionary changes happening around the country and the world these days- a lot of lost history is being explored and shared that many of us had never heard about in school.

Although “Drunk History” adds a fun, inebriated spin on the storytelling and features some unexpected guest stars- the stories themselves are accurate and super interesting. I highly recommend the episodes that are centered around Civil Rights and Black History. They are so, so good.

The Killers – “My Own Soul’s Warning” – Earlier this month, The Killers dropped yet another single from their new, will-be-released-eventually album. The single, “My Own Soul’s Warning” is loud and explosive and loaded with synth- and reminds me of earlier Killers tracks from the “Sam’s Town” era. I am completely in love with it- and I know Kelsey would have been infatuated with it as well if she were still here.

It reminds me of her- which is part of the reason why I love it so much- but it’s also just a fantastic song in general.


S’mores Frappuccinos – Listen, I know they’re unhealthy. I get it. I’m not denying it- but there is literally nothing better than sipping on one of these on a Saturday afternoon when it’s ninety degrees outside. This is the only time of year I’m able to get them and it’s a seasonal tradition I look forward to very, very much.

Let me just have this one thing, okay?

And that is everything I have lined up for my June 2020 Favorites! Needless to say I am all about diving into the Summer headfirst and making the most of it while it’s here. I’m looking forward to seeing what makes the list in July- but I’m going to enjoy these last days of June, first.


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