Summer Perfumes: The Paradise Remix

Back in February, I had talked about revisiting a revamped favorite Fall/Winter perfume from my early twenties by way of Victoria’s Secret. Naturally, as New England slowly but surely transitioned into Spring and the sunshine, higher temperatures, and endless pollen that comes with it- I knew I’d have to find something newer, lighter, and more seasonally appropriate to spritz on myself before I’d escape quarantine for small increments of time each day for some fresh air.

Pre-pandemic, Troy had offered to buy me a new Spring/Summer perfume for 2020. He’d gone as far as to painstakingly find samples at local high end department stores to send to me from the West Coast so that I could pick one I liked the best and from there- he’d buy and ship the full-sized bottle. I’d had it narrowed down to a couple I’d really enjoyed before I picked *the* one- but then COVID-19 hit, and with the pandemic- in-store shopping and shipping came to a standstill.

I have admittedly been surviving on the samples since mid-March. It’s not that I’ve had the opportunity to really go anywhere that perfume would be necessary or encouraged- it’s just nice to do something fun and frivolous on the tougher days to make things a little easier- but I’m running low and Summer is really only just beginning.

Well, Victoria’s Secret apparently heard that I was in a tough spot- because they recently sent me a care package with their limited edition Summertime scent- “Bombshell Paradise”- complete with a full-sized bottle of perfume, a roll-on version for carrying convenience, and their lightweight body lotion.

“Bombshell Paradise” is a beautiful blend of grapefruit, black currant, and lily of the valley- the perfect fruit and floral combination that reminds me of walking to/from Singing Beach in Manchester-by-the-Sea with my friends. We always grab a citrus-infused sorbet at a small ice cream shop along the way and walk past a ton of gardens in the neighboring houses before we reached the shore. It’s like being back there in past Summers before mandatory face masks and maintaining six feet of distance between one another was a thing.

I digress. The perfume is lovely- and it’s quickly become my favorite must-have accessory for this most unusual of Summers apart from a sturdy pair of sandals, big sunglasses and plenty of SPF. It’s light, long-lasting, and smells both clean and tropical at the same time- ideal for those who need a fragrance that is refreshing and not overwhelming this time of year.

I can’t get enough of it- and will more than likely be wearing it into the Fall, too.


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