Winter Perfumes: An Old Favorite with a Twist…

I am a lover and in some ways a collector of various perfumes/fragrances- and although I have some longtime favorites and scents I prefer over others- I try not to stick to one brand/product only. I like to mix things up every few months and try something new, revisit things I haven’t used in a long time, etc. It keeps my collection feeling fresh and prevents me from becoming bored with something for too long (much power to those who are fully dedicated to their brands/products, though! I wish I could have that level of commitment to anything in my life!)

In the Winter I like to wear heavier, richer fragrances- scents that go hand in hand with my more intense, smokier makeup and darker-hued wardrobe. Woodsy, spiced scents are some of my favorites this time of year- as well as rich, potent florals. Some of my go-to’s throughout December to March/April are Chanel’s ‘Coco Mademoiselle’ and Prada’s ‘La Femme Prada.’

But, despite having a taste for the fancier things from time to time- I’m not always willing or wanting to drop hundreds of dollars on perfume at any given moment. I like to spend smart and budget accordingly- treating myself as often as I can, of course.

So when I recently ran out of the perfume that had carried me beautifully through the holidays and into the beginning of 2020 (MAISON MARGIELA/Replica – ‘Jazz Club’) I turned to an upgraded and revamped version of a fragrance I have not visited in years.

I have mixed feelings about Victoria’s Secret- both about their products and how they as a company are run (although a recent exposé is bringing about a much-needed and swift change among the higher ranks. Their CEO needs to go.) I have yet to find a bra within their stores that could actually be considered comfortable for any given period of time- but their lingerie always makes me look smoking hot. Their prices for clothing geared towards college-aged females is astronomical- but their beauty and body products are actually good quality and affordable.

It’s an unusual love/hate relationship- one I am consistently on the fence about- but one thing I *do* really like and stand by is their perfume. “Bombshell” was released in 2010- ten years ago- and every woman I knew, myself included, had worn it for a period of time. It was an ideal Spring/Summer fragrance- light and fruity and not overwhelming. I remember having unconsciously packed it in my carry-on during a vacation to California in my early twenties- only to be devastated when the TSA employee told me it didn’t fit the container criteria and confiscated it- but not before she sprayed some on herself, first. Everyone loved that perfume.

On my birthday last month, I had received different offers and discounts from various brands I had purchased from and shopped with in the past- as most of us do on our special day. Free coffees, free doughnuts, 20% accessories, as well as a free pair of panties courtesy of Victoria’s Secret. I tried to indulge in everything- and Victoria’s Secret ended up being one of the first places I stopped when I left work early that day prior to getting dinner and a massage with Troy later on that night.

While there- free panties in hand- I had passed a display for “Bombshell,” and feeling nostalgic- sprayed a test strip to breathe in my early twenties again- when I noticed there was a newer version next to it- “Bombshell Intense,” which launched in 2019. I tested that one next- and was immediately obsessed with the cherry and floral notes- as well as the deep, rich vanilla that just screamed coziness at me. It became my perfume for the remainder of Winter 2020 right then and there- and I got a pretty good discount on a set that included a bottle of the perfume, a roll-on version for my purse, and a moisturizing body lotion. All under $100.

I’ve been wearing this pretty much every day since- and I’ve either gotten the “you smell so nice!” compliment by those who have stood next to me, or “is that Bombshell?” by those who fondly remember their own journeys with Victoria’s Secret perfumes. I’m pretty sure every woman my age has been on that trip. Good times.

By the time I run out of my supply of the perfume(s)/lotion, it’ll be time to look into my Spring/Summer fragrance collections- but this is definitely one I’ll revisit when the weather starts to get gloomy again.


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