Local Loves: The Ice Cream Lady

For as long as I can remember, drives home from Rhode Island always took me up Route 16 through Douglas, Massachusetts. I knew when I was heading in the right direction whenever I’d pass by a rather unusual roadside statue- a slightly frightening looking ice cream cone (presumably female) with human-like arms and legs and wearing a top hat.

The statue marks the location of The Ice Cream Lady, which is a hidden gem here in New England and wildly popular with the locals. If you pass by too quickly, you may think the towering ice cream cone was left over from a prior business since the exterior appears to be just a regular small town gas station and convenience store- but I can assure you that the parlor is still there along the side of the building- and they are still serving fantastic scoops for super cheap prices.

I stopped by earlier this week while I was visiting my mom and Oliver a few towns over. After some unbearably hot and humid days- peppered with sporadic thunderstorms- I thought some ice cream would do us all some good and we piled into my car for a quick little road trip for some takeout treats.

The statue is still as hilariously strange as it’s always been, but the soft serve was delicious- and The Ice Cream Lady offer “puppy cones” which was lactose-free vanilla ice cream served in a little cup- so Oliver had a wonderful time, too.

I believe The Ice Cream Lady is open until September- so if you’re ever winding your way to/from Massachusetts from Rhode Island this Summer- be sure to stop by and treat yourself (and treat your dog, too- if you’ve got one!)


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