Late-Spring Girls Weekend…

The coming week(s) ahead are going to be busy ones for sure. In-between working my full time job, I’m also going to be catching some live music this week, attending Boston Calling on behalf of indie617 and then picking up a friend who is flying in from Italy for what I’m hoping will be a warm and sunny Memorial Day Weekend up in New Hampshire! It’s a lot of driving and a lot of sunscreen (and probably a lot of great food and drinks, too!) but I’m so excited because it means we are just that much closer to the beginning of Summer!

This past weekend, which was my last sort of “laid back” and “low key” one for a few weeks, wasn’t wasted on just sleeping late and lounging, however. on Saturday- the rainiest day I think we’ve had in a while!- I recorded the final episodes of this season of ‘Baking to the B-Movies’ with Stef at our studio while indulging in some of her excellent cooking. I’ll be sharing the recipes for her dishes to coincide with the release of our next couple of reviews- but they were delicious! I think our subscribers/followers are really going to appreciate them.

And Sunday, with the sun finally returning- I joined my mom and my cousin Paige for a “Girls Day” in Deerfield, Massachusetts (a stone’s throw from my apartment!) for a morning of shopping/browsing at Yankee Candle. I was in need of some candles since I’m presently doing a deep clean/refresh of my apartment- so stocking up was on my “To Do” list anyway, but I also had a blast checking out some of the seasonal/Summertime décor and gifts they had available- especially since I’m planning another giveaway here on the blog soon!

For lunch, we swung by Champney’s in nearby Historic Deerfield (the first time we’d been since Paige’s Bachelorette Party last Summer!) The food was, as always- fantastic- and the view of the still blooming flowers and trees from the restaurant windows was super peaceful and calming. I can always appreciate good food in a cozy building- no matter the season.

On my way back to drop my mother off at her home, she asked if I knew any good places to get ice cream- and I immediately took a quick detour to introduce her to Cindy’s Drive-In in Granby- and she was more than impressed with their generous portions of soft serve!

And now with the weekend over- I’m diving headfirst into work and all the things I have planned for this week ahead! I’ll be checking in as usual, though- and I have so much to share over the next few days!


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