A Few of My Favorite Things: January 2023

Where on Earth does the time go? As soon as January arrived- we’re getting ready to see it go! These past few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind in all the best ways, filled with parties, post-holiday gatherings and lots and lots of snow! And now, with the beginning of February just a few days away- it’s time for me to sit down and write about my monthly collection of favorite products, finds and miscellaneous odds and ends before I do a full recap of the month that has been early next week!

Yes, it’s the first ‘Favorite Things’ post of 2023- and it’s all about gifts I’ve received for the holidays and my birthday, a little indulgence, some self-care and organization tools. As is tradition, I’ll be sharing the items I could snap photos of before I get into some other obsessions and infatuations I’ve been enjoying throughout January so far.

You all know how this works by now- so let’s get right into it!

If my blog’s name didn’t already give it away, I look forward to and savor my daily cup of coffee/latte, but I’m also a big fan of an evening cup of cocoa, too- especially with all the snow we’ve been getting in recent weeks! There’s nothing better than curling up to watch a movie or settling in with a good book and having a hot cup of cocoa within reach.

And I like trying different flavors, too- which is why my family gifted me a couple of these Corner Café cocoa packs for Christmas. Each packet, which has a different flavor like gingerbread and raspberry, comes in a little case shaped like a coffee cup. You just empty them into your mug, add hot water or steamed milk, and enjoy- and they are all rich and delicious!

I’ve already gone through one box of these so far, and had been waiting to take pictures of the remaining box before I tore it open. I’m sure you can all guess what I’m drinking right now as I write this!

My cousin Paige recently gifted me a box of the ultimate self-care, stay-at-home spa day essentials- with bath fizzies, fancy teas, chocolates, etc. Included in that box was this absolutely amazing mushroom soap from Rough Cut Soap & Sundries Co. Don’t let the mushroom aspect of this one fool you- it might very well be one of the most gorgeous fragrances I’ve ever experienced.

This bar of soap comes wrapped in wool that you use instead of a washcloth or a loofah by simply running it under water and lathering up in the bath or shower. Not only is the wool exfoliating (a must in colder temperatures!) but it also protects and prolongs the soap so you can get plenty of use out of it!

Each bar is poured with natural ingredients and is infused with essential oils that nurture and soften the skin. I absolutely love this, and I’ll be stocking up in the future for sure!

Another gift in my self care box- and made locally!- was this soy candle from the Soy Much Brighter Candle Company based out of Boston. Vegan, cruelty-free and made sustainably- their candles have some of the cutest packaging and smell absolutely delightful without being overpowering or headache-inducing.

This Nag Champa candle is one I usually light for a little while at nighttime since the fragrance is super soothing and relaxing. It helps me unwind when I’m getting ready for bed and I can still smell it long after I blow it out for the evening. It’s just so pretty!

I’m planning on visiting the company’s storefront in Beverly the next time I’m in town (pretty soon, I think!) I’d love to try some of their other candles, like their new tarot-inspired fragrance collection. The jars for those are so, so gorgeous!

I get my nails done every 2-3 weeks as a little treat to myself (and also, my nail tech is sensational!) but the cold weather, wearing gloves, going in-and-out of heated areas, etc. does an absolute number on my hands and specifically- my cuticles. Some days my fingers itched and ached so badly that I didn’t know what to do.

But a co-worker introduced me to this cuticle cream (in a convenient, click-up tube) from LONDONTOWN and it has been an absolutely lifesaver! Made with probiotics and fermented rice water, this moisturizing cream provides instant relief and hydration to my cuticles and nail beds- and it absorbs quickly without leaving behind any greasy residue so I can use it at work or while I’m blogging and get right back to typing after I apply it and rub it in.

There’s a gel formula as well, but I think I’ll be sticking with this cream one for the foreseeable future!

And finally, a new year means a new planner! To keep myself organized and on top of all things work, events, appointments and deadlines- I picked up this beautiful weekly planner from Eccolo, featuring watercolor leaves and gold embossing. It includes plenty of space to fill in to-do itineraries throughout the week- as well as areas to note monthly goals and reminders.

Picking out a new planner is one of my favorite New Year’s traditions- and this one was such an easy and beautiful choice!

And there we have it- my ‘Favorite Things’ for January 2023. The items I could take photos of, anyway- but there’s more!


‘The Last of Us ‘- Video game adaptations rarely hit their mark, but this miniseries inspired by the 2013 Playstation game of the same name has been incredible so far. Starring Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey and Nick Offerman- the episodes that have aired so far on HBO have been terrifying, heartbreaking and comical at times- just like it’s source material. I was a big fan of the game, and am happy to report this show has been doing it justice. I know what’s going to be coming, but I’m still looking forward to each new episode!

Okay, and with that special shout-out making the cut- that concludes this month’s ‘Favorite Things!’ I’ll have another installment near the end of February, and I’m looking forward to seeing what is included in that collection!


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