The Return of Friendsgiving!

When some of my longtime friends proposed the possible return of one of our most favorite holiday traditions this year- our annual ‘Friendsgiving’ celebration- I all but jumped for joy. The sprawling, multi-course dinner- which had usually consisted of a potluck-type of gathering in the days leading up to or immediately following Thanksgiving weekend- hasn’t been held in it’s full glory since 2019 due to the COVID pandemic.

Sure, we’ve all mostly seen each other in passing or in smaller get-togethers over these past couple of years- but a full-on ‘Friendsgiving’ was something beloved and cherished that we were all truly missing around this most festive time of year. Now seemed like the perfect time to bring it back once and for all.

This past weekend, however- we opted out of doing our own cooking/baking for sanity’s sake and made a special reservation for our dinner at the 1761 Old Mill in Westminster, Massachusetts. Some of you may remember when I wrote about the location earlier this year following a post-New Year’s Eve/Day meal. Given how warm, cozy and comforting the restaurant was (and how amazing their food is!)– it was agreed upon that it would be the perfect place to celebrate the season and being able to see each other and have everyone catch up in the same place again.

And I have a feeling it’s going to be our go-to spot for the festivities moving forward (especially given we didn’t have to worry about Tupperware for leftovers or washing dishes afterwards!) The food was, as always, perfect- and I spent so much of my night laughing and trading stories with some of my nearest and dearest until the restaurant was preparing to close for the night.

The Old Mill currently has a seasonal/holiday menu going on that is absolutely incredible, by the way- and absolutely worth the stop if you’re in the are and feeling hungry! I highly recommend their stuffed chicken breast and a ‘Poinsettia’- which is a mimosa made with cranberry juice instead of orange juice. I loved it!

I’m so glad,, and so, so grateful to have been able to participate. The return of the proper ‘Friendsgiving’ was long overdue for sure- but definitely worth the wait!


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