OOTD: The Rainbow Connection

When I was about 7 or 8 years old, I had a two-piece, hot pink and neon yellow-striped terry cloth outfit that became my “go to” in the Summertime for no less than three years in a row before I hit a growth spurt and it no longer fit properly. If you look at any family vacation photos from that time period- there’s a 90% chance I’m wearing it. Pool day? The terry cloth outfit. Trip to the aquarium? Is the terry cloth outfit clean? Road trip to Florida? Pack the terry cloth outfit. Despite my mother’s best efforts to get me to wear anything else- I loved how soft and bright and fun that set was and would almost always refuse.

And now, as an adult with a wardrobe and a fashion sense that has (thankfully) evolved and expanded over the years- I was absolutely delighted to find a grown-up version of that beloved and cherished set while picking up some things at Kohl’s during a recent outing. Eagle-eyed readers might recognize it from my trip to Disney Land near the end of last month!

This rainbow-striped, terry cloth two-piece ensemble already gives me some serious 1970s, “roller skating on the boardwalk” vibes- which means it was a perfect outfit to wear when Dan and I took an afternoon trip to Charlemont last week to stop by Wells Provisions for some ice cream and lemonade.

This set is so fun (and comfortable!) and with the shorts having a high waist, I only ever show a teeny, tiny bit of midriff when I move around- which is nice when, for example- I’ve eaten way too much ice cream. You know- as a hypothetical situation, of course.

And although I don’t wear this outfit every other day the way I would have done when I was a kid- it’s still one of my favorites for the Summertime and is sure to get plenty more days of use before I have to pack it up at the end of the season!

[ Photos by Dan Little ]


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