Local Loves: Bridge of Flowers

In a couple of weeks it’ll have been three years since I first moved to my lovely little loft in the Pioneer Valley out here in Western Massachusetts- although approximately two of those three years having been significantly hindered and limited with what I could do or see due to the COVID-19 pandemic- but with my community opening back up again (quite literally- Spring is here!), I’ve been enjoying revisiting some of my favorite outdoor locations and soaking in the sunshine in recent days.

One of the prettiest spots to check out in the warmer weather, and a place I bring any of my friends/family visiting for the first time- is the Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls- which just opened back up to visitors and pedestrians for the first time since 2019!

First constructed in 1908 and originally used for trolleys to transport goods across the Deerfield River- the bridge wasn’t converted into a pedestrian footbridge and public garden until 1929, where it has since become a popular tourist destination and one of the most photographed locations for those en route to/from the Berkshires. The bridge, tended to by the locals around Shelburne Falls every year, is lined with hundreds of different kinds of flowers and trees that are at their most breathtaking in the late Spring/early Summer.

I stopped by the bridge while taking a long lunch earlier this week, and although not everything has bloomed to their full potential just yet- it was still bright and colorful and gorgeous nonetheless.

If you’re in the area- and I always recommend checking this one out during a weekday when it won’t be as packed and you can really enjoy the scenery with minimal distractions- this is a must-see here in New England!


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