A Few of My Favorite Things: January 2022

The first “Favorite Things” post of a New Year always feels like the most exciting- because it’s an array of items, products and oddities I’ve essentially been accumulating over the course of the holidays and finally get to talk about at length and in detail- and this first assortment of 2022 is no different! Featuring gifts from Christmas (and my recent birthday,) new additions to my wardrobe, skincare game-changers and health-boosting patches- January has been a month of discovering new brands and life-hacks to get me started on the right foot for a brand new year.

As is the tradition with any of these monthly installments, I always start my post by highlighting the products/items I was able to snap photos of before I launch into why I’ve been enjoying them so much- and then I get into the miscellaneous odds and ends that have been making my month memorable, but aren’t exactly easy to capture a picture of.

And as always- I love hearing about anything that made your month a little easier or a little more fun- so feel free to leave a comment or drop a line with the things you’ve been enjoying throughout January!

So, without further delay- let’s take a look!

I had received this lightweight, portable and USB-chargeable facial wand from Lumina NRG as part of a promotional pack near the end of 2021, but this month saw me using it on a daily basis with noticeable and awe-inspiring results.

The “Mini Glow” wand features a rotating head that activates with touch and soothes, tones, brightens and firms the skin using red light therapy (something I swear by!), gentle heat and microcurrent stimulation that doesn’t cause any irritation or redness to my face and neck. I use this wand twice daily as part of my skincare regimen- once in the morning and then again at night after I’ve cleansed my face and applied my serums- and I’ve been rewarded with a healthy, hydrated and glowing complexion as a reward. Any blemishes clear up right away and fine lines look visibly smoother the more I incorporate this tiny tool into my days and evenings.

And the fact that I can charge it from pretty much anywhere without having to buy a bunch of batteries is definitely a perk!

As I settle into a New Year and a new routine for my health and wellness- sometimes it helps to have an easy and inconvenient way to get an energy or vitamin boost without having to swallow a bunch of capsules or drink chalky, powdery beverages every morning.

Although these discreet vitamin pack patches from The Good Patch aren’t required every single day- I keep them in my purse or at my office for those mornings/afternoons when I am in need of some extra energy, or maybe aren’t feeling my best and want to balance my mind and body out. I simply peel, stick the patch on the inside of my wrist, and leave it on for a few hours- although I can feel a noticeable difference pretty quickly!

The Rescue and B. Awake patches are two of my favorites- but The Good Patch also has formulas to help you relax, sleep, or with period pain and minor aches/discomfort. I kind of want them all!

I love Dolly Parton- she’s an inspiration and an icon and can do no wrong- and visiting Dollywood is absolutely on my travel “Bucket List” (hopefully this year!)– so when my mom gifted me this coffee mug a few weeks ago, I knew it would quickly become my favorite in my kitchen and my ever-growing collection.

I’ve seen shirts and hoodies with WWDD on them- but my mom knew that with my love of all things coffee (obviously)– this was the better choice. And she was right!

Speaking of gifts- get yourself a man who listens and is perceptive to you and your needs, everyone! In my case, my dearest and beloved Troy- knowing I am always cold and crank the heat wherever I go- splurged on these light grey wool leg warmers from LUNYA for my birthday.

These things are gorgeous– and so warm and comfortable. They’re meant for bedtime wear but honestly I want to keep them on wherever I go. I was so absolutely stunned and floored when these showed up at my door a couple of weeks ago- and they’re definitely going to be on my favorites list for months to come!

And finally, I needed comfortable but still-stylish snow boots to get me through this Winter seeing as how most of my other boots either had too high of a heel or no tread at the bottom from continuous use. So, when I was sent these black suede (with plush leopard print trim) ankle boots from Violet & Red- which had thick enough soles where I wouldn’t slip and slide everywhere I went- I knew it was a match made in Heaven.

These boots are very comfortable, super sturdy, keep my feet warm- and are honestly so adorable- and I wear them with jeans. leggings, tights, etc. while still looking chic and cozy during the harshest months of the year here in New England.

And that just about does it for the photogenic favorites- but something else made the list this month- and I doubt its inclusion will surprise anyone!

– Games/Tech/Apps –

  • Wordle: I caved in mid-January when I started playing this guessing game/word scrambler puzzle- and as I write this- I’ve got an undefeated streak that has lasted a few days now. I love seeing everyone else’s results on social media, experiencing the shared frustration at the more complex and complicated words that none of us can guess- and trying to get the puzzle done before I start work for the day. It’s finally something we can ALL enjoy!

And there you have it- my favorites for January 2022! I’m going to have a more in-depth look back on this past month that was next week after I dig myself out up the upcoming blizzard- so stay tuned!


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Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm a blogger and a radio personality with a makeup and shoe addiction based out of Boston and the Pioneer Valley. These are my (mis)adventures.

2 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things: January 2022

  1. I saw a whole bunch of people talking about Wordle, but I didn’t know what it was exactly. I knew it was a word game, so I went to the app store, and downloaded an app called Wordle. I didn’t know it at the time, but what I was playing was not the actual Wordle! I didn’t find out until a few days ago how to find the real Wordle. Since then I’ve been really enjoying it. Happy January (well February, since January is basically over) xxx

    Melina | http://www.melinaelisa.com

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