Another Year Around The Sun…

Another January nearly complete and another year older for yours truly! This past weekend marked my [redacted]-th birthday, and my second one celebrated in the midst of an ongoing global pandemic. While my options for commemorating the occasion were significantly more vast than they had been in 2021, I still opted to keep it low-key, safe, and most importantly- warm- with a small dinner at my mother’s house in the company of my immediate family.

That’s not to say my friends didn’t go over-the-top for me. I’ve got weekend and belated-celebration plans to keep me occupied from now into the Spring, at least- and I’m still coming home from work to cards, presents and letters most days- but the day itself was very laid back, very chill, and filled with baked pasta and strawberry shortcake (my favorite!)

It’s funny to think about how much I used to dread getting older and all the horrible downsides/downfalls to it I’d heard a few other and arguably more cynical people talk about with every passing year- so much, in fact, that I thought my life would essentially be over when I turned 30. And, while finding the occasional grey hair and having a somewhat slower metabolism than I did as a teenager or in my early twenties isn’t exactly ideal or fun- I console myself with the fact that I’m much wiser, definitely more successful and able to go to the salon or take a spin class as needed to look and feel my best these days.

And my 13 year old niece still thinks I’m cool- so I’m not completely out of touch with the youths just yet. I still don’t have a TikTok, though. Maybe I’ll finally cave this year.

Yes, my mom is still in the process of taking down her Christmas tree. It’s been a slow start to the year- no judgment!

I’m making it a mission to age gracefully- but not prematurely. I don’t need to go out dancing at the clubs anymore, or stay out all night without taking my makeup off (my worst habit of my twenties by far) or do keg stands at college parties- but I’m also not ready to start going to Bingo nights at the Legion Hall, or getting the early bird special at the local diner, or being in bed by 7 PM. No disrespect to anyone who does those things, by the way!

These days I’m just aiming for a healthy balance of still feeling young and energetic and moderately carefree- while not being too immature or irresponsible!

But I digress. I’m truly so grateful for all the love and warm wishes I’ve received, and even more thankful that I’m still here- growing and evolving and changing all the time. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the year ahead has in store for me and making the most out of being a little bit older!


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Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm a blogger and a radio personality with a makeup and shoe addiction based out of Boston and the Pioneer Valley. These are my (mis)adventures.

4 thoughts on “Another Year Around The Sun…

  1. Happy belated birthday! I used to feel the same way about my birthday. I remember recently telling my boyfriend that I had a mid-life crisis when I turned 21. I thought my life was just downhill from there. And boy was I wrong! While I don’t necessarily love/look forward to my birthday, I also don’t dread it anymore. xxx

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