OOTD: Snowing and Flowing

It is already shaping up to be a pretty brutal remainder of the Winter season here in New England, having gone from mildly chilly and manageable around Christmastime to our being buried under non-stop snow, ice storms and arctic-esque temperatures seemingly overnight. The roads are slick- but not nearly as slick as some of the sidewalks around town- and doubling up on layers, scarves and hats has done little to ease the chill whenever you step outside.

And of course I picked this past weekend to bring most of my Winter coats in for dry-cleaning now that I’ve retrieved them from storage and have procrastinated with getting them freshened up and ready for every day use. I’m kicking myself- especially since it leaves me with limited options to keep me warm until they’re finished.

But, on the bright side- it gave me a reason to wear this gorgeous woolen and faux-fur collared cape from Catalonia this past weekend when I returned to Stockbridge for a quick luncheon shortly after another layer of ice was dropped on my neck of the woods. This cape, heavy but not itchy- keeps me toasty and looking rather sophisticated in more formal settings. The collar is fastened with a discreet button clasp and the cheetah print section is so soft, super durable and very fun when spicing up an ensemble.

And although paring this cape with a warm beanie would seem practical- I opted to wear a black woolen beret to keep up with the fabric/texture trend I had going on when I had this on, instead.

I was comfortable and warm- even for the brief periods I was outdoors- and I’m suddenly in no rush when it comes to picking up my usual Winter coats this week. This cape is perfect to get me by!

[ Photos by Dan Little ]


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