“The Little Lights Are Not Twinkling…”

Although the weather has continued to be bizarre (even by New England standards) in recent days- snow in the morning and thunderstorms at night!- we had a momentary break from the clouds and precipitation this past weekend, and I took the opportunity to head back down to Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island to check out their annual holiday light display- which I had wanted to do last week before an unexpected snowstorm cancelled those plans.

Some of you may remember I had last been to RWPZ back near the end of October, where I checked out their over-the-top Jack-O-Lantern trail. At the time, the zoo was getting ready to start setting up their holiday lights- and some could be seen along the pathway in-between elaborately carved pumpkins and spooky Halloween decorations.

And, much like the trail in October- the holiday light version was also breathtaking! I am not talented at all when it comes to decorating for Christmas- specifically when it comes to untangling lights and setting them up evenly or accurately. My earnest efforts year after year are mediocre at best, so seeing thousands and thousands of lights so intricately strung up with care and precision is inspiring!

And one of my favorite things about the pathway- other than the display itself- is that there are occasional little booths and stands that serve hot chocolate, kettle corn popcorn, mulled cider and a variety of other snacks. Given how chilly it can get at night- having a piping hot cup of cocoa in my hands while I was strolling was so soothing.

The light display runs through January 2nd, so if you find yourself in or around Providence this holiday season- you have to check it out! I know I’ll be heading back again next year if it returns!


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