OOTD: Trimming The Tree…

It took a couple of days to find everything in storage, but my hideous and crooked little $15 Christmas tree that I bought back in 2019 to commemorate my first holiday season in my (then) new apartment is officially back up, covered in ornaments and twinkling brightly in the corner of my living room.

Of course, half of the challenge- and the fun- was decorating the tree in the first place, and it’s a tradition best honored with a cup of hot coffee and a cozy new pair of holiday pajamas. This year, after grabbing an eggnog chai latte at Shelburne Falls Coffee Roasters (someday I’ll do a “Local Loves” post about any of their locations!) I changed into this thermal set I’d recently purchased at Old Navy.

I honestly haven’t been to an Old Navy in years, but I’d heard from a co-worker that they typically have crazy good deals on pajama sets this time of year- and since I’m always in need of fleece or thermal wear in the Winter, especially when my apartment can get drafty from time to time- I headed in a couple of weeks ago and immediately had to buy these candy cane strip-print leggings and a bright red “Home For The Cheer” long-sleeved shirt.

It goes without saying that this set was unbelievably comfortable, cute, and kept me toasty and warm- which is all I need!

The super fuzzy, super cozy reindeer print socks were not from Old Navy, however- but were a gift I’d received last Christmas as part of a little pedicure basket a friend had put together for me. I’ve been waiting all year to be able to wear them- and trimming the tree seemed like the perfect opportunity!

Do you have any “Christmas Pajama” traditions? Like wearing them for holiday greeting card photos, movie marathons with some cocoa, opening presents on Christmas morning, etc.? Drop me a line to tell me about it- but most importantly- let me know where your favorite place to buy pajamas is!

[ Photos by Dan Little ]


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