Christmas Cards and Charlie Brown Trees…

In my last post, I had talked about excitedly anticipating going to a holiday light display in Rhode Island this week, but of course- New England’s often unpredictable weather had other things in mind. First, with a series of heavy rainstorms with wild wind gusts, and now with some upcoming snowfall.

And although looking at extravagant Christmas lights during a flurry or a light dusting of powder sounds like a picturesque and ideal way to spend an evening- the forecast looks like it might be more of a “treacherous roadways” kind of storm- and so I opted to postpone my festive adventure until this weekend or early next week before I head down to Maryland for a few days.

Instead, I decided to take the time to design and order my annual Christmas cards to send out to my family and friends via the super easy-to-use and customizable options over at Shutterfly. Not only can I choose from thousands of layouts, color combinations, finishes, etc., but I can even customize the envelopes and return address labels to add a little something extra cute for the recipients.

I typically make cards using a collection of photos of Oliver I’ve snapped over the year leading up to the holidays- which I did this year, of course!- but I also made some extra cards featuring a very special guest while he was in town.

The last time Troy and I made Christmas cards together was for Christmas of 2019 (pre-pandemic. Such a simpler time.) We wore ugly sweaters, even uglier Santa hats- and posed in front of a $15 pre-lit tree I had picked up at a gas station for the occasion. They were silly and cheesy and absolutely perfect.

And this year, while the Santa hats made a comeback- Troy and I opted to pose in and around my apartment with a Charlie Brown tree he’d brought along. Much like the 2019 photo shoot- this one was just as fun, albeit with better natural lighting.

Oh- and I’m a redhead again. Surprise!

I’m waiting for the finished cards to arrive so I can send them out- but based on the proof I saw- they’re going to look great. I’ll more than likely share them on social media- so be sure to keep an eye out!


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